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Product & Platform Development


The rapid transformation in the way the businesses…


The advent of the web from 1.0 – 2.0 and now eventually 3.0!



CMS is a software application or more rightly said as – a set of related

Application Development and Maintenance

When it comes to IT – application and maintenance we generally overlook

Digi – Trans

When the world is going digital, it’s important to move ahead and be an integral part of the entire revolution.


It’s definitely the vow factor which matters a lot when creating a new user or a design experience.

Mobinius Molecules

At Mobinius, we know how important time & cost effectiveness is and we surely value the same too

Legacy Modernisation

We understand the difference and the time taken for shiing from the old to the new technology

Cloud Onboarding & Migration

Data storage – gone are the days when one could really get the data being stored in a lot of devices and then …

Data Analytics

This refers to the entire process of creating an entire set of large data sets to see the behavioural trends, market trends …

IoT(Plats & Apps)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is climbing up the ladder and considered to be one of the most effective technological solutions

QA Labs

Organizations, today need to ensure that every application has a standard set of benchmark which delivers high quality and …