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Product Consulting

Mobinius Innovation Centers
Mobinius’s Innovation Centers give clients an unparalleled opportunity to see for themselves, how mobility enabled innovation can generate transformation.
The growing network of Mobinius Innovation Centers is designed to fulfill several key goals for Mobinius and its clients:
  • Accelerate the development and delivery of unique solutions such as the Mobi Industrial Automation & Health
  • Stimulate innovation by bringing together the best minds from Mobinius
  • Give clients the opportunity to see and feel how a particular solution would impact on their existing business processes and technology
Mobility Strategy and Planning
Mobility Consulting
Mobinius Mobility management and technology consulting services helps our clients develop mobility strategies, mobility business and technology plans, and design mobility solutions to drive additional enterprise and customer value. Scope of service may include market assessment and sizing, competitive assessments, enterprise mobility planning and design, vertical mobility offering evaluation and design, mobility channel design, employee needs assessment, mobility application architectures/ blueprints as well as mobility technology and device planning. From planning to custom app creation to rapid-deployment solutions, we have the tools and expertise you need to reach your mobility goals – faster.
Mobility Strategy and Planning

Mobility strategy consulting services that help clients develop mobility strategies and accompanying mobility business and technology plans to drive additional enterprise and customer value.

Product Portfolio Strategy and Planning

Device portfolio strategy helps product and service providers evaluate the technological opportunities associated with developing a consolidated, cohesive and consistent product image. Targeting specific customer segments, the strategy defines an overarching hardware approach and product classifications. This strategy then serves as the guide for sourcing and procurement.

The offer helps clients to position themselves at the intersection of mobile networks, devices and digital media. The strategy also provides an analysis of the economies associated with each relevant industry layer—chipsets, operating systems and user interfaces, and digital mobile services—and details techniques for properly monetizing subscriber relationships.

We work with you to tailor enterprise architectures and application strategies, evaluate and establish Mobility Centers of Excellence, and plan security and infrastructure strategies.

Drawing on our deep knowledge of mobility and industry best practices and prior experience, we help you to:

  • Determine how mobile technology will impact your organization
  • Identify relevant scenarios for deploying mobile software solutions
  • Design a clear mobile strategy and prepare for implementation and development
  • Develop user-centric mobile apps that meet your unique business needs
  • Educate and train your staff – to accelerate user adoption and maximize productivity
Exclusive Services
Mobinius empowers clients to envision and reap significant enterprise benefits that drive real outcomes, solutions and results in business performance. Our proven methodologies and accelerators cover all aspects of defining and executing a comprehensive mobile strategy, including evaluating and establishing Mobility Centers of Excellence, tailored enterprise architectures and application strategies, security and infrastructure strategy and planning.
Mobinius Business Value Strategy

Through our business value driven approaches and strategies we help companies transform their operating models, business functions and business processes by employing mobility. We offer innovation workshops and Mobility Value Labs to target and structure business value driven mobility programs and well as capability maturity assessments and recommendations for high-performance execution. Our approaches help our clients tailor transformational programs focused on mobility enabled selling, service, operations and the organization.

Mobility Technology Execution Strategy

We partner with our clients on the development and execution of technology-focused strategies leveraging our best practices for enabling mobile capabilities within the enterprise. Through our proven methodologies and accelerators we help our clients evaluate their needs and establish Mobility Centers of Excellence (COE) as well as developing tailored enterprise architectures and application strategies.

Why Mobinius?
Mobinius solutions deepens connection with consumers, employees, businesses and machines.
Experience Breakthrough Growth
Through our central role in the mobile ecosystem we’re able to help clients juggle new opportunities and manage the demands of an always-on environment.
Connect with a Roadmap to Productivity
We help clients use mobility to run their businesses more efficiently so they can focus on strengthening connections with the workforce and customers.
Trust our Industry Leadership
We’ve worked extensively in nearly every industry to gain a deep understanding of how businesses can achieve growth through mobility.
The Mobinius Advantage
Mobinius Enterprise Mobility practice has over 5 years of experience working on mobile technologies, and world-class expertise in business and technology consulting. Mobinius helps clients to:
  • Demystify the phenomenon of mobility
  • Get the best ROI of their mobile investments
  • Choose the right technologies suited for their organization
  • Future-proof strategies for implementing mobility in the organization
Develop strategies and technology plans with our mobility consulting services