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May I help you?
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Software development is not just about writing lines of code, it is much more beyond that.It is a combination of right people, right process and right technology and delivered at right time.

Request for Quote
Get in touch with us with your project ideas or concept.

We make sure your idea or concept is safe with Mobinius by signing Non-Disclosure Agreement right at the beginning.

Once we receive the initial requirement, our Business Analyst team will analyse the requirement and help with the technical solution suggestions.

Based on the requirement you had shared with us, we prepare the initial business proposal and will be shared with you.

The high level technical specification will be created by our technical architect and testing team prepares the test specification document.

The assigned project manager will prepare the project planning and milestones and same will be shared with the client.

Our technical team will analyse the every detail of the project.

After sharing all the high level details shared with us, based on the contract agreement will be signed and will be
completely transparent.

Initial Design
Our designer will come up with the initial mock up screens and prototype of the project just to experience the UI flow.The project implementation starts once after the initial mockup screens are approved by client.

Based on project milestone, our quality team starts the testing process and any project release to the client is bug free.

We will assist our client’s with the construction of UAT processes, using a combination of client use cases and in-house testing protocols.

Support and Maintenance
To maintain that satisfaction we feel when seeing a project materialise, we provide six months warranty completely free. Once the warranty period is complete we offer our clients custom support packages to reflect their individual needs.

Delivery Methodology



Our agile methodology is based upon the Scrum approach which is characterized by an overall set of project requirements (project backlog) that are prioritized for development in fixed duration activity blocks (sprints). Within a sprint, the development team, including the customer representative, meets regularly to discuss requirements and progress, with responsibility for selecting requirements, estimating effort, and delivering tested code lying with the individual team members. This methodology is suitable for development projects in which flexibility is essential (i.e., requirements may not be fully known or can be expected to change during the course of development). Successful implementation of this methodology requires effective communication and experienced developers with a strong sense of individual responsibility.

What does Agile mean to you?

  • React quickly to changing environments and shifting needs with agile, adaptive methods.
  • Involve stakeholders and users throughout the process to avoid unnecessary surprises and ease product adoption.
  • Optimize user productivity, efficiency and satisfaction with rapid collaborative usability reviews.

What does Agile mean to us?

  • Satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • Welcome changing requirements, even late in development.
  • Harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage.
  • Deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter time scale.
  • Business people and developers work together daily throughout the project.
  • Build projects around motivated individuals.
  • Secure the most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within the team.
  • Promote sustainable development.
  • Maintain on-going excellence approach.

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