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Project Details
Client: ScoutPro

ScoutPro is a user-friendly mobile field-scouting app for farmers and agricultural industry professionals. The app allows users to scout and identify weeds, insects, disease and disorders while in the field. Users can upload important field data, images and notes to generate field specific scouting reports.

Main Features:

  • Easily accessible and simple to use app on iPad 2 and iPhone. Designed for agricultural production industries.
  • Step through identification process helps users narrow down pests by identifying attributes.
  • Finding farm fields using GPS location based services.
  • Provides multiple, high quality photos of identified pests along with pest’s background, life cycle and threshold information.
  • Ability to generate field specific scouting reports through provided data fields including staging of pests, weather, plant population, stand count, pest pressure, etc.
  • Allows user to upload images to scouting report for better record keeping.
  • Field mapping capabilities are included to allow cellular data enabled users to map fields, via GPS coordinates for increased accuracy in reporting.

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