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Close Buys

Project Details
Client: Close Buys
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A mobile solution to connect the people with local offers, GPS based solution to find-out best local deals. This solution would make the normal shopping experience much more interesting, using this app the local customers get to know the great local offers, and make happy shopping. The Closebuys server component collects the local offers, and using REST apis, the client app will get the data and present it on the iPhone. The system will allow the user to save the offers for future reference. The app will list out the local stores both in normal List view swell as in Map View.

Main Features:

  • GPS based solution
  • Map View and List View of all Stores
  • Pin Annotations for best deals notifications
  • Server component will sort the local deals
  • User can find the best deal, share with friends
  • Unique user experience throughout the application
  • Apple Push Notification, get alert for new offers
Technologies used:
Xcode, Objective C, iOS SDK, UI Kit, Cocoa Touch, Map Kit, Core Location, Core Data, GPS.

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