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Facility audits made easy on Mobile
What is your desired data outcome from Auditng?
  • Determine the effectiveness of your safety program
  • Identify compliance deficiencies
Companies face a wide range of dangerous situations that can result in serious injury to employees and significant financial liability to the company. Because of this, comprehensive safety management programs are a must in any manufacturing setting. Guidelines set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can provide a solid foundation, but organizations can still benefit from producing their own safety audit checklists tailored to their specific risks and exposures.
MobiTaskz is cloud based system enhances the capability of your businesses to efficiently audit and track compliance of your facilities like Safety, Repairs, Cleanliness etc. on all mobile platforms.
Whether you are performing a safety inspection, creating a list of works required or providing a quotation, MobiTaskz will help you collate and share your findings quickly and on the go.
Everyone from Government Agencies, Fire Departments and International Airlines right through to one-man tradespeople are working smarter and more efficiently with MobiTaskz.

Few tasks performed using this solution
MobiTaskz provides an easy to use management tool in a compact format. It ensures audits are performed in a systematic and consistent way. It also ensures that all the information collected is retained in a secure environment. MobiTaskz eliminates paper-based systems and ensures all safety procedures, activities and tasks used by the auditors are always current.
How it works?
Tablet App for Auditing
  • The audit is conducted via a Tablet application, which prompts what activities and tasks are required for each audit.
  • Audit tracker is GPS enabled which provides a record of the pathway the auditor takes and pins any photos taken on their map location.
  • Notification about task for each Audit.
  • Graphical Display of Audit data.
  • Customization as per your branding needs.
  • Data collected during the audit is uploaded in real time into the central web application.
Web App for managing Audits
Our central web application allows the activities of each audit to be simply collated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The activities of each audit package are simply assembled by clicking and dragging each activity into the audit package.
It then sends the audit package to the relevant auditor to conduct. The Audit package includes tasks and associated documentation, photos and videos that will assist the completion of each site audit.

  • Periodic Collation of activities of each audit in daily, weekly, monthly basis.
  • Create and edit audit package with relevant activities, documents, photos and videos.
  • Assign the audit package to the Auditor.
  • Data collected from each audit is recorded in graph format.
  • Any non-conformances are flagged and remedial actions must be agreed and signed off including completion times.
  • Audit Tracker can be customised and branded to meet your business requirements.
More than just a checklist… Smart fields allow you to create actions for responses and build intelligence into your templates.