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Mobile Game Development

Mobile Games have always been a popular demand by gaming freaks, which is never ending. Mobile Game Development is growing rapidly every day creating big boom in all aspects. The number of Mobile Game Developers are increasing day by day, who are just waiting to show their brilliancy.

Mobinius has been developing Mobile Games under our own brand name and also for our Customers across the globe. We have noble team with great blend of technical and conceptual, creative skills, who can deliver high quality Mobile Game DevelopmentServices.

Our Gaming Expertise

* OpenGL/ OpenGL ES.
* Box 2D / Chipmunk Physics Engine.
* Unity 3D.

Our Game Development Services

Mobinius has been providing following services on Mobile Game Development

* Customized Mobile Game Development
* Mobile Game Engine Development
* Mobile Game Porting Development
* Mobile Game Testing

Our Major Gaming Areas

Mobinius Mobile Game Development service can encompass any variety of genres including:

* Action Mobile Games
* Adventure Mobile Games
* Arcade Mobile Games
* Puzzle Mobile Games
* Racing Mobile Games
* Sports Mobile Games
* GPRS Multiplayer Mobile Games
* Global Multiplayer Mobile Games
* 2D Mobile Games
* 3D Mobile Games

Why Mobinius for your Mobile Game Development?

Developing Mobile Games at Mobinius is more fun & inventive.
We have a brilliant team of Gamers.
Gaming is all about Creativity, Inventive, Marvellous Game Concepts, Stringent Game Algorithms and more. This is what you find at Mobinius.

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Additional Advantages

We are happy to provide the following services if needed by customers.
We help customers to improvise the concept, UI, design etc.
We help customers to submit their Apps to AppStore.

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