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Mobility in Industrial Automation

Digital representation of the entire physical value chain is the ultimate goal

The seamless integration of data along the industrial value chains will gain more and more in importance for developing and manufacturing companies. Mobinius aims to provide its customers with a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software products which enable the comprehensive integration of data from development, production and suppliers. The complete digital representation of the entire physical value chain is the ultimate goal.

There’s a convergence going on around a new enterprise IT model known as SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud). Ideally, the use of mobile applications to access systems enables users to visualize, collaborate and execute at all levels of the organization, delivering a level of cohesiveness and collaboration that were not possible before.

Mobility in industrial automation solutions can improve productivity, performance and decision making, but only if they are applied effectively and correctly. End users increasingly expect to have access to not just static and historical reports, but to real-time data they can take action on to influence an outcome.

Mobinius’s customers have raised the bar, asking for data anytime, anywhere from any device and they want data that is actionable, real-time and shareable. Despite industry’s increasing interest in all things mobile. Mobile access does a good job to support general reporting, analytics, process history, collaboration, MES reporting, design and simulation.

mobility in industrial automation

Based on our research here’s how we understand the needs of your industry:

  • View and control real-time plant floor operations data from your device.
  • Model entire workflows involving people and systems, as well as the proper task sequencing and dependencies.
  • Mobinius mobility in industrial automation software offerings provide maintenance management, spares and inventory management and a complete procurement capability. This base capability is extended through powerful condition monitoring and management capabilities that can turn huge volumes of production data into actionable asset intelligence in real-time.
  • Our mobility in industrial automation software provides an information framework, taking various operations data sources to calculate, contextualize, store and present operational key performance indicators.
  • To executes manual field procedures to prepare the line setup for tank farm inventory movements, and communicates updated equipment status in real-time to the control system.
  • 3D immersive virtual reality training is a reality. It brings the training to workers by simulating real-life conditions in the field for plant start up, maintenance and shut down.
  • Mobile reporting software that pushes up-to-date KPIs and plant data to a smartphone or tablet, so users are never out of touch with plant performance.
  • Mobile workforce management and decision support solution that helps ensure that operators follow best practices and help drive higher plant reliability.

Here are 6 reasons to tell you, why you should go Mobile-
Reason #1: If your operators don’t have a smartphone now, they will soon.

Reason #2: Operators are evolving and mobility will take them to the next level.

Reason #3: Mobility lets you get out from behind your desk.

Reason #4: Get alerts on the road; fix problems in the field.

Reason #5: Get alerted when something important happens.

Reason #6: The mobile security nightmare is getting slightly less scary.