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The number and variety of consumer and enterprise mobile applications has grown exponentially over the last few years. Organizations need to ensure that every application meets a high quality bar in order to prevent revenue loss, lost productivity and damage to brand reputation.
A comprehensive Mobile App Testing Services strategy is essential for getting your applications to market on time and within budget. Key elements to consider for effectively testing applications are –
Target Device Selection – Create an optimal mix of simulator testing and physical device testing on different models to maximize test coverage.
Test Automation – Select an effective test automation tool and maximize the use of automation to reduce the cost of regression testing.
Network Environment – Consider testing primarily on Wi-Fi networks and using network simulation tools to simulate cellular connectivity and various network conditions.
Types of Testing – Consider different types of testing required (functional, performance, security, and compliance)
The challenge of mobile application testing can be effectively addressed by a test strategy that combines these elements with traditional best practices and processes for testing.

Dimensions of Testing Mobile Apps

Aspect Areas / Types of testing
Functionality User Interaction Testing
Transaction testing
Performance UI responsiveness
Transaction completion time(s)
Peak load performance
Network Network type (Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G)
Impact of Connectivity Issues
Security Data Retention on device
Transmission Security
Compatibility Mobile Platform Compatibility (e.g. iOS 6, iOS 5.1.1, iOS 5.1.1)
Device Model Compatibility
Backward compatibility (with previous app version)
Conformance Marketplace guidelines compliance (e.g. Apple App Store policies)
Enterprise policy compliance (e.g. prohibited content)
Usability User Experience
Installation and Provisioning Installation process
Un-installation process
User provisioning and de-provisioning
Mobile Testing Services

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The Complexities of Testing

There are several areas that need attention when creating a strategy for mobile application testing:

Functionality Testing: Functionality testing is essential across all valid use cases and boundary / special conditions because it ensures a good user experience.

Performance and Usability Testing: While mobile application stability and performance testing are of prime importance, they are dependent on a variety of other factors ranging from the mobile device to load and application response, server utilization and network conditions.

Automation: Test solutions should be platform agnostic. In order to ensure that testing time is reduced, the solutions should be reusable and scalable. Automation leads to shorter test cycles and productivity improvements of around 25 to 30 per cent.

Security Testing: The mobile and personal nature of smartphones makes it a very vulnerable device to security threats. Security testing for mobile applications comes in three tiers – physical end-point device security, enterprise level security for devices (Mobile Device Management – MDM) and application security.

Device Proliferation: With such severe fragmentation in the device space, application testing has to be done across a variety of devices. This means having a very large inventory of handsets available for tests

Upgrades: Rapid platform upgrades means keeping pace with them and validating the impact of the upgrades on the applications as soon as possible.

Infrastructure and Connectivity: Mobile App testing requires dedicated infrastructure. To function, most mobile applications require connecting to the application servers.

In today’s highly fragmented, fast growing and dynamic mobile market it is tough for enterprises to own and operate mobile application testing infrastructure with high utilization levels to justify the investment. It is best for businesses to work with a partner like Mobinius who can deliver testing as a service.

Mobinius has the required skills and experience and also the infrastructure to deliver a reliable Mobile Application Testing Services. Some of Mobinius’s offerings is as given below:

  • Creating a comprehensive Mobile Testing Services strategy (device coverage, functional testing, tools etc).
  • Solutions and tools for testing.
  • Evaluation of onboard tools in enterprise environment.
  • Automation capabilities to ensure best quality in shortest possible time.
  • Scalable test infrastructure.
  • Mobility test experts.
  • Ready-to-customize business processes and use cases.
  • On demand services.
  • Total mobility validation.
  • A global presence

The bene­fits of partnering with Mobinius are:

  • An enterprise can remain platform agnostic and focus on the application rather than on the device.
  • Rapid automated testing of applications across platforms and versions will ensure faster time to market, with a high degree of functional and security assurance in addition to deep test coverage – all this without the headache of managing the test infrastructure or making CAPEX investments with uncertain ROI.
Mobinius is equipped with devices (various platforms and form factors), mobile infrastructure (secure Wi-Fi, internet, backend, automation stations, PI servers), tools (test, performance, security) and data (test data, benchmarks etc.). One of the best approaches to mobile app testing services, therefore, is to engage with a technology partner like Mobinius offers mobile testing as a service.
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