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Mobility in Financial Services

Simple, Secure & Managed

The introduction of mobile devices into the financial sector can benefit both employees and organizations. Mobility facilitates anytime, anywhere access to information as well as faster, easier, and more efficient collaboration between individuals and institutions.

Mobility in Financial services for Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets focus on improving the customer experience, selling to the digital consumer, reducing risk and achieving productivity improvements and cost reductions. Mobile wallets, payments and loyalty programs open the door for new opportunities and ways of doing business, while other solutions address enterprise challenges such as sales force enablement and learning and collaboration.

For financial services, the implications are myriad:
  • Access to real-time information allows for faster and more informed decision-making. For example, wealth management consultants, financial advisors, insurance agents, mortgage lenders and other financial services representatives can pull up real-time information about customer accounts, portfolios, transaction history and more when meeting with clients out of the office.
  • Institutions and individuals can more easily collaborate. The ability to safely scan or directly import enrollment forms, loan applications, and other documents through mobile devices that are securely connected to the corporate network allows bank, insurance and other financial services representatives to more efficiently and quickly process customer data.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to information enables executives to review and approve financial transactions on the road, improving efficiency, productivity, and response time.
  • Mobile devices give financial organizations the option to go paperless, improving operational efficiencies and cutting costs associated with printing and mailing documents to customers and other financial institutions, as well as eliminating lengthy response times.

Flexibility and fast response are two of the elements vital to maintaining a competitive edge in today’s banking and financial industry. Software applications must provide the flexibility to offer a diverse range of financial services, and fast response to meet immediate market demands. Add the challenge of processing millions of transactions today and the result is a strong requirement to be equipped with the best IT solutions and systems. With Mobinius, banking and finance companies are equipped to deliver the premier financial services their customers have come to expect.

Mobinius consultants lead the business analysis and development efforts to migrate mission critical applications from mainframe to client/server systems, or develop custom applications for financial services.