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Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore, India

With the path breaking trends in technology – mobiles came across as one of the most innovative means of getting connected. The trend was set with the increasing number of avid users, who are now enjoying a better connectivity across enterprises & organizations & homes at large.

With the trends already set for the future and hi tech offerings, our mobile experts use the best technology and the latest mobile app development tools and techniques. We have a smart, super energetic team, which can work on different platforms, catering to various sectors.

We are one of the fastest mobile app development companies, offering rapid development solutions. We are glad to share some of the
most amazing facts, which we take pride in:

  • Delivered a mobile & web based platform – across the globe with 8 Millions tickets as on today.
  • Built healthcare IoT platform scaling to 87Million AV consultations with 90Million user base.
  • Saved more than 30% cost & time using our re-usable platforms.
  • First ever successful industry app designed for Germany based customer. Boasts of heavyweights as customer base.
  • An advanced collaborative platform, developed by us for one of our US customer, which is being used across the globe is highly recommended by Apple.
  • First few successful apps on App-Store and Play-Store has its strong roots in Mobinius.
  • Our track record of rapid app development:
    • Blockbuster MVP developed in 2 months which became talk of the town
    • Built fully functional app in 2 months and launched in 5 countries in 3 continents
  • We are one of the largest hybrid app development companies.
  • We have delivered one of the first cross platform app using Microsoft tech stack.
  • We have seen the cross platform technologies from the day one right from Jquery Mobile, SenchaTouch,Titanium to Latest Angular, Angular 2, Ionic, Xamarin etc.

We at Mobinius, believe technology is changing every miniscule second and we are constantly up-grading ourselves moving towards embracing new technology. With our in-house experts, who are always on-the-go for newer technologies, but also pave ways for integrating the same with different solutions across domains.

Referring to the mobile application development – we do Hybrid & Native development, (refer to learn more at)

Some of the industry specific solutions mentioned below are:

Healthcare integrations and solutions

With the industry constantly on the go and people nowadays browsing or downloading a lot of healthcare apps, it proves that this sector is already undergoing a lot of changes and being more technically sound and accessible to public at large.

It’s now easier to get connected with the doctors online, have the reports at a finger touch and a check the appointments, diagnosis, patient history, latest reports etc., which results in less time consumption, making the entire process more productive and easy.

IOT for industries

Internet of Things – considered to be one of the latest core offerings by the tech trends, is now catching up with all the enterprises and organizations at large. Also, with the IoT now being a major player in the technology – Internet of Things (IoT) is when the same would be expanded to a larger set of sectors such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare facilities, and transportation.

Most of the companies at large are using new IoT strategies and technologies – connecting the sensors, devices and machines in the physical world to the internet creates multiple new digital opportunities for industries.

Employee engagement platforms

In today’s world, we have several organizations throbbing on the latest technology offerings, not only for the enterprises, but also building platforms for internal employee engagement – considered to be one of the prime focus are for strengthening & engaging employee entity.

Our customizable employee engagement platform, dedicated exclusively as an employee portal – allows free, smooth flow of communication channels for the employees across the organization and engage with company communications, celebrate successes and share their experiences. Most importantly get connected for a long-term association.

Customer connect solutions

With the new advent of technologies accessible for everyone it’s becoming easier to develop & implement easy &newer systems – accessible for all. What’s more, with the BYOT concepts in place (Build Your Own Tools) one can even get going with the amalgamation of new ideas, concepts, content, marketing automation merging with new tech stuff.

We at Mobinius, help you build solutions for your intelligent organizations, available for providing efficient customer centric solutions. With our panel of experts, we get you going right with the tools available to help you in create the right website for an apt solution with its wide features of editing, usage of multiple language, getting immediate queries solved, complete text search, on-line forms, creating content for forums, blogs, e-commerce portals, groups at large, polls, creating workflows; receiving automated notifications, having an open API etc., together build complete solutions for a better engagement for users.

Smart homes and offices

With the rise of the technology beyond our means, we are now entering a new tech era. The recent addition in the IT domain is the birth of the intelligent apps – which means human – machine interaction. This technology allows the machines to floor low the commands given by humans or interact with them, thereby making their lives simpler. In the whole cycle of understanding humans, these IA (intelligent apps) or VA’s (virtual Assistant’s) start suggesting things, providing info as needed or trying to accomplish or finish the tasks as being programmed. By 2018, Gartner expects most of the world’s largest 200 companies to exploit intelligent apps.

While developing mobile apps we have delivered enormous number of solutions which has the following components most of the time:

Mobile Application Development Company Bangalore

Geofencing Solutions

With accessibility to places nearby and ensuring that the user always benefits the most, thereby giving a good experience. We at Mobinius have always been at the fore-front providing hi-tech solutions equipped with readiness to adapt and work with the latest future tech, in ref to geo-fencing frame-work suitably customized for any industry specific solution. We have been successful in creating a customer friendly solution for one of the largest GCC giants that resulted in enhancing customer experience with our geo-fencing based solution.

Beacon Solutions

In today’s current tech trend, a large number of companies from various sector are getting into a beacon enabled solutions, from retail to events to education, to build and improve multiple solutions from indoor navigation to loyalty programs to pushing contextual notifications to easy payment systems.

Bluetooth Integration

In today’s era, public at large wants to have a control over all the possible devices, gizmos and gadgets, reducing dependability on a larger scale. For eg: One would want to control one’s own health and check BP, rather than visiting the doctor, with the readily available medical instruments & devices. In short –they prefer to have an own standard, customized wireless approach for communication between devices gives them that ability. Eg: Google Fit, Apple’s Health Kit etc. use bluetooth to ensure device and data interoperability.

Doctors too, are future ready with same approach and find the same less time consuming, resulting in higher efficiency, faster connectivity etc. We at Mobinius, have been successful integrating the Bluetooth / Bluetooth4LE enabled medical equipment’s or devices for one of our European customer which could read and show medical data from the Bluetooth enabled devices.

Offline based solution with NoSQL Dbs

Getting connected offline! For any hi-tech products, it’s important to have hassle – free communication in effective & efficient workflow management and ready availability of the data when synced! We are proud to have successfully launched an offline application for one of our prime customers from the construction sector.

MR based solutions

As the name suggests, it’s a mix of both Augmented reality & Virtual Reality. Considered to be more advanced than Virtual reality MR is now making its own way, as one of the latest tech offerings. We at Mobinius, with our new age tech offerings are prepared for this tech – trend by giving our users different virtual experience, equipped with the latest systems & technologies. We have some amazing working solution and POCs around Mixed Reality.

NFC based applications

Did anyone think that payments, money transfer or for that matter anything related to financial accounting could be easy? Apple Pay, Google wallet etc., work on a simple basis of method of a wireless data transfer, which detects and enables technology in close proximity to communicate without any internet connection. It’s easy, fast and works automatically and is actually much more power-efficient than other wireless communication types.

AI Based apps

Everything is becoming Intelligent tight from sensors to devices to machines, and of course applications which is ultimately called Intelligent Apps. Artificial Intelligence is the most promising and the latest offering from a futuristic tech view. As this term denotes, they are basically the automated/robotic intelligence displayed by machines. With the proper feeding of the data and also right tech help or expertise, we at Mobinius are ready & aim to take the current technology trends to another level of machine touch!

Cross platform push notifications

Push notifications is the way to connect with your customers, users etc. We have readily available cross platform push notifications framework, which could be customized for any industry specific needs. This push notification works across all mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Our customers from various industry have been able to use this notification framework to connect with your customers and improve the customer connect.


They are basically VA’s or the virtual assistants as we all know – playing an integral part either in location assistance, daily to-do-list, making some imp calls, identifying or hunting the right genre of news for you etc. They are programmes that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which connects with the users in their language as feeded. We have got some amazing POC’s for Chatbots, which means that we are future, ready to launch the same across diverse platforms and sectors.

AR and VR based on solutions

Augmented reality is a direct or indirect way to see or witness a real world. The best examples could be the video games – especially where one needs to hunt down the goons or find some object to complete the mystery. The elements of the natural surroundings are augmented or enhanced using technology. Whereas, Virtual Reality replaces the real world elements with a simulated version using cutting edge technology Google glasses, sports scores on television, 3D brochures, etc are examples of Augmented & Virtual reality both.

At Mobinius, we are ready to explore and offer the mixed genre of both for various applications such as –
• Projections (real estate, architecture etc)
• Gaming – 3D Console
• Image recognition
• Location Based Apps etc

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