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MobiHealth Solution
Healthcare reform has created both challenges and opportunities for payers and providers. Everyone knows that hospitals are incredibly busy places where medical teams and administrators are singularly focused on the important task of patient care. From when they check in to work to when they check out, healthcare staff are absorbed in tending to those in their care. For the most part, they have little time to reflect on how care might be improved, or to consider the many products and services on the market, which may help to deliver better outcomes for their patients.
According to a 2013 survey conducted by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, 43% of American physicians use mobile health technology for clinical purposes. That number is bound to increase dramatically thanks to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently approving new services to be covered in 2015, including mental health services.
Still, due to the limited number of mobile health services covered by American health insurance companies, the majority and most popular mobile health applications are designed to provide preventative care. That’s not a bad place to start given 75% of all healthcare dollars are spent on patients with one or more chronic conditions, many of which can be prevented, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, and cancer.. But some of the latest American advancements in the mobile healthcare industry are designed to save money by saving time.
Post-op care apps can benefit the patient
The application will allow patients recently released after a surgical procedure to communicate with a health coach regarding their post-op routine. The health coach will use text messages, push notifications, and alerts to provide patients with information to make their recovery a success. Patients will also be able to rate their pain via text message on a scale from 0 to 5 and will receive helpful links from their health coach to guide their post-op care.
Currently our Mobile solutions can help monitor the following:

1) Blood Pressure

2) Oximetry

3) Weight and BMI Monitoring

4) ECG

5) Stereoscopic readings

6) Glucose levels

Mobile solutions play an important role in engaging members and enabling efficient ways of managing care, including:

  • Attracting and engaging new and existing members
  • Promoting proactive wellness tools
  • Streamlining operations
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving care and communications
With doctors, nurses, administrators and patients who are constantly on the move, healthcare providers are increasing the use of healthcare applications on mobile devices to provide information at the point-of-care, thereby enhancing the patient care experience. The goal of engaging patients with their care in order to improve outcomes and reduce costs is at the core of everything we do at Mobinius.
Mobinius has been working to create cutting-edge mobile health (mHealth) solutions on a variety of mobile platforms including smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
MobileHealth is a Mobile solution that communicate to Medical devices through Bluetooth and fetch the data and update in Mobile/tablet device, then push the data to central medical data repository on Cloud. And consumer to find doctors and take appointment.
Need to change few things in the below image (like find doctors, appointment etc).
The MobileHealth has three components as shown below
Mobile App
Data Capture
The app, which communicates with device and captures the data from Bluetooth, based medical devices. The application has got Single Application interface for multiple medical devices. All the available parameters are in tabs of app, in each parameter the list of medical devices, User will select the required device to pair.
Once the measure is taken, User can opt for saving it on Cloud or discarding the data. If “Save” is opted then data get locally stored and queued up for uploading process. If “Discard” is opted then data is not stored locally and not get uploaded.
Pedometer feature is developed within the App. This will be useful if the patient uses the Application in their Phone, so that using inbuilt gyroscope of the phone to calculate every step they take. 

Find Doctors and Appointment
This application is used to find the doctors and clinics near to user’s location based on specialty. Once doctor or clinic is selected, user can proceed to take appointments instantly. “Drive” option will provide info on the distance from the user’s location to clinic & navigate as well.
Bluetooth4.0 LE
Many devices use Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which extends the personal area network (PAN) to include Bluetooth enabled devices that are powered by small, coin-cell batteries. With low energy technology, sports and health care equipment, human interface (HIDs) and entertainment devices are enhanced. The technology can be built into products such as watches, wireless keyboards, gaming and sports sensors, which can then connect and communicate with host devices, such as mobile phones and personal computers.
Bluetooth Device integration
The integrations module has been developed where, User pairs the medical device with their mobile/tablet. Once the devices is paired then list of parameters to be displayed for the user to select the parameters they are going to measure. 

Web App
Master Administrative access for Admins to manage customers, doctors, devices. Below are the few tasks done at Web App.
  • Creating Medical Parameters, for each parameter threshold limits to be set that is Standard, Warning, Critical limits upper and lower to be set.
  • Creating Customer (Healthcare Service Provider) information and contact details, contract period, billing value. Activation / Deactivation.
  • Doctor and Patient information management system.
  • Managing and maintaining Medical Equipment List.
  • To view and analyze patients medical records by the associated doctors/medical consultants.
The architecture view of the application
The Solution Built to:
  • Deliver log-on from any device, anywhere, any time
  • Provide rapid access to test results, remotely monitor patients
  • Ensure non-stop availability of PHI (protected healthcare information)