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Professional diary for a digital professional
A diary is a collection of records on what has happened over a period of time, usually sorted by dates. A personal diary usually records one’s experiences, thoughts, and feelings on events in the outside world. Some personal diaries, such as those by Anne Frank, have become widely read books and the basis of plays and films. Besides their value in terms of being a hobby and a literature source, diaries also serve important roles for researchers in social science. Some studies use diaries to study the correlation between certain activities (e.g., exercise) and health problems (e.g., diabetes) in certain populations. The contents are usually incomplete, fragmented, or incorrect.
Professional maintains physical diaries and uses various tools on the desktop or a mobile to carry out their daily logs and tasks.
One is personal Diary.. How about professional diary…!!!
This can have a bigger impact and simplify the day to day life of a professional in various industries.
With our years of experience in Mobility and various industry domains, we have come up with a MobiDiary which can be easily deployed to professional multiple domains. This will not only ease and structure the professional lives by innovatively capturing logs and tasks with Mobile technologies
The  MobiDiary application (iPad and Android tablets) replaces the existing manual (paper based) construction site diaries, where site engineers record, often at the end of the day, the events that have happened on site.
The current challenges with paper based process are:
  • The inaccuracy of data due to events not being recorded in real time
  • The separation of evidence whereby photos and written records are stored and filed differently
  • Delays due to difficulties locating historic data
  • Lost or damaged records from paper based and non-centralised data storage approaches.
Some of the main features which can simplify your daily life:
  • Better plan your day.
  • Track activities by day/week/month.
  • Historical activity information.
  • Contacts management- active, inactive.
  • Integration Calendar.
  • Can be easily integrated based on Business as per the domain needs for eg: Sales force of FMCG, Field engineer of a support group, Contractor, Construction Project Manager.
  • Photo feature for easy recollection of events.
  • Multi-platform support on iOS, Android ( Phone and Tablets).
  • Live Weather information.
This MobiDiary can be easily deployed for professionals in various industries like

1) Construction

2) Architects

3) Manufacturing

4) Field force

5) Doctor – Health care

6) Admin staff in all industries