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Mobi Industrial Automation

Customer had a range of stationary heat treatment systems for surface- and through-hardening. At the heart of each heat treatment machine is an Induction Sinac heat generator, the industry’s most advanced induction frequency converter. These acclaimed converters help ensure optimum hardening results—day in day out, year after year.
The machine family includes vertical, horizontal centerless and customized machines—and serial and/or parallel compensated induction power sources with a wide range of output power and frequencies.
Customer is a forerunner in the technology innovation and wanted to upgrade the HMI s to latest state of art iPads so that user can have the best User experience. They would like to the panel information also available remotely thru internet so that the management could access the information and take informed decisions.
Few of their requirements were:
  • Customer wanted to enhance the user experience and User interface for their Induction heating Machines.
  • Customer wanted to have a HMI Display using iPad for Power Panel and other display systems on the machine.
  • Customer wanted to have these parameters also visible on remote iPads over internet.
  • Customer also wanted additional information like Documents, Circuit diagrams and Maintenance information so that all information is available in a intuitive and user friendly way a the machine itself
Mobinius Solution:
We created a hardware solution using industrial computers and National instrument sensors for extracting e signal which was made available in a data base. This data was exposed to the cloud using a local webserver and then posted on to a Local iPad, same data was exposed to the cloud through which the same data was made available to the on a remote iPad.
Out comes
    1) Awesome user experience
    2) Customer move away from age old LED based and Analog display based display system
    3) Awesome display of the machine parameters
    4) Easily available maintenance data and records for the machine
    5) Information for easy operation of machine