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LuLu is developed on iOS, Android and Windows. The main intention of this app is to provide information about LuLu and its retailers and also to promote products available from retailers in LuLu Hypermarket. It helps full to locate LuLu mall and their offers nearby current location of consumer.

Key Functionalities

Locate LuLu:

The Application will identify user’s location using GPS and then search for the nearest LuLu Hypermarket.

User will also receive system level push notifications regarding various deals / events happening in the nearest LuLu.

This will run as a system service within the mobile device so that the message will be delivered successfully to the user even if the app is not running/active. The app will also show the route/direction to the nearest LuLu or to the LuLu they select from the App. Only the lulu stores in the user’s current country will be shown automatically. For other country, he needs to select the country first.


User will be able to know the promotional/seasonal offers of each store, in this section.

Product Offers:

Very amazing/surprise product offers of the day will be showcased in this section. A notification bubble will be marked on the menu screen, if there’s any new offer placed.

Barcode Reader:

The Application can be connected to the SAP or to the backend database, which will allow the user to scan and read the price of each product through this feature. Here, user should not be able to use the same mobile app to scan barcodes in different store Say competitors store. So any type of validation should be implemented, may be a Wi-Fi connectivity with any specified name.

Discount Coupons:

A Register and Login mechanism is needed for identifying each user. Or the users should be tracked through their mobile.

Number. Discount coupons with bar codes will be supplied to selected users randomly through the app. A user who gets this coupon can redeem it in the store, after showing their coupon. Stores POS will be able to track that the user redeemed the coupon.

The user can also, share his coupon to his friends or relatives, which also can be redeemed in the store. Here, there should be a mechanism to track, whether the user redeemed the coupon, to how many people the user shared this coupon, how many of them redeemed it etc.

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