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Making the best optimum use of technology has been a boon not only for paving new ways to make new inventions, achieve new targets and set new benchmarks, but also ensuring that tech can be used for mankind too.


Knowing that the nature around us is so powerful and mighty that it can take a rough course anytime – imagine if there was a system which could help us as be alert and ensure all our fellow humans are safe too. This client has most of its employees based onsite which is yet another task for them to handle as connectivity is challenging apart from having access to that particular geographic location too.


One of the most renowned brands in the manufacturing & automation industry have come up with an excellent solution for their onsite employees ensuring they are safe and sound especially during the time of any nature calamity.

Our Solution

We developed a Mobile & a Web based software development solution for using, so that the alerts/warnings can be duly communicated to the employees and they will be able to look at the weather conditions in the application. Using a robust technology stack, the employees can additional check the current weather, forecast, critical warnings / alerts not only in their work location, but also the city/ place they wish to travel.

The entire application has various user components and also a master admin module, which has an access to the moan module for sending notifications. The push notifications are enabled through SMS Gateway and the data build on the SE server.

safety application

Benefits to client:

Using this easy to use weather alert system one can ensure to be safe and alert during any crisis.

  • Saves time & ease to use
  • User friendly framework, which derives the data anytime or anywhere

Tools and Technologies




Impact and Outcome

  • Smarter way to keep employee’s safe
  • Helpful in alert prior to any natural calamity / disaster
  • Easy tracking of employees