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ui ux design services


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Our UI UX Design Services Methodology

Having a plan on how to go ahead, with a specific app design in mind, is crucial. One needs to have a proper detailed and structured plan as to what the entire design process will include. @Mobinius, we have always believed in delivering an enriching experience and delivering the best! Our designers and developers brainstorms together, through different situations and comes up with an out-of-the-box solution.


Understanding similar apps, available in the market

We look at a number of similar apps / solutions which are available in the market and, make a list of the good and not-so-good design features of each. Knowing the current solution becomes primarily important. This will help us in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of competing products before we start work on prototypes.


Brainstorming with Developers, helps us find solutions for understanding any technical limitations, if any

Before getting onto designing a complex feature, we prefer to share with our development team, removing the complexities, if they occur during the time of development. We follow our guidelines and prefer not to disturb any design, until and unless if any changes are required. We discuss and study multiple case scenarios with our team of designers and developers before we finalize a design.


Knowing the TG

An excellent UX depends on a number of criteria:

  • Understanding the various demographics,
  • Age group of the users,
  • The screen sizes, physical constraints etc.

Understanding the end users of the app / solution, will enhance the best UX Design. We spend a good time in analyzing all these points to make sure that the design become quite self-explanatory for the user.


Sketching / Wire framing & thus we begin

Well, as we all know sketching is a fast & freehand drawing tool, that we all use either for doodling & sketching. In fact, sketching is only a foundation upon which we can overlay our actual design work. Sometimes a sketch isn’t enough and we create wireframes using different tools like Adobe Illustrator, Dreamviewer, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch App, Balsamiq etc. and share those with the clients. To create a final design we use the above mentioned software for designing by following the main theme, color, spacing, alignments and creating a good user experience. In the Step 4 and Step 5, we include the client in the process and get their feedback in every step. We use Basecamp to upload every design we create, and also expect the client’s feedback on each of the design. Throughout the entire design process, our design team takes feedback from the client and within the team.

UI UX Design Company

A User Experience needs to be appealing and easy to use, creating an experience worth sharing. It indeed has a lot of benefits in reference to any website, organization, the target audience as we spoke etc. the main motive of any UX is to deliver a rich interactive experience thereby, making it easy for fulfilling the desired goal. UX, thereby is considered to be the 1st effective digital asset.

Why is UI UX Services Important

A good design, will always create better user experiences. A good UX is very essential for business, because it helps one increase in the rise of the customers, enhances the quality of a better customer service, enables more loyal customers etc. UX consists of the entire navigation from one tab to other, taking the user to different levels across the website. A very good UX is seamless, hassle free navigations, easier access to the website and most importantly useful info being achieved.

UX as seen by the end user

Can i find my way around?
Can I do what I need to do?
Are mistakes hard to make and easy to correct?
Do I have to learn new tricks?
Can i recognise things?
Is the design clear and appealing?
Do I understand the terminology?
Do I know what the system is doing?
Am I in charge?
Can I get help when i need it?

Factors driving UI UX Design Services

Many factors drive UX, but the core one’s are listed as below


UX might change when the context gets changed. In an instance, one might browse on a smartphone, other user might see the same on a laptop and someone else might see on a palmtop, and either while traveling or at work etc, makes a huge difference.


UX is dynamic, as the person experiencing the system is dynamic. This refers to, for example, a person’s motivation to use the product, their mood, current mental and physical resources, and expectations.


A user’s perception of the system’s properties naturally influences UX. Important for UX are the properties designed into the studied system (e.g. functionality, aesthetics, designed interactive behavior, responsiveness), the properties that the user has added or changed in the system or that are consequential of its use (e.g. the picture of your children on your phone, or scratches and a worn look after a device has been used for some time), as well as the brand or manufacturer image (e.g. sustainability, coolness).

UX itself cannot be described by describing the UX factors, but UX factors and their main categories can be used to describe the situation in which a person felt a particular UX. UX factors also help identify the reasons behind a certain experience.

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