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By far one of the most essential component, which gives a new life to a static or dynamic thought, presented virtually. As we know JavaScript or JS is a dynamic, object – based programming language. Used for successful web applications, making them more interactive, user friendly along with HTML & CSS. Indeed, today the entire world thrives on JS. YES! Apparently every single website, every single code deployed & an app which runs, has some form of JS in it. Mentioned below, we look at the various components as under

Meteor js Development Company

Meteor Framework

It is the latest add-on in the development framework, Meteor Development is considered to be less time consuming, delivers faster reducing the development time and process. It excels on both the sides – clients as well as the server side. With quick, rapid and easy accessibility for the users – it is definitely a winner as the futuristic framework.


Node JS

An open source platform it helps to build rapidly, using JS at the backend. Considered to possess a shared repository of good number of tools and modules, the technical architecture or the framework is suitable for creating chatbots / business bots, games etc and some streaming live apps, increasing the efficiency and productivity of any application.

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Angular JS

Angular JS is the front end of the MEAN Stack, comprising of MongoDB, Express.js server framework, Angular.js and Node.js server runtime environment. Being developed by Google, it is reliable, along with salient advantages such as two way data binding, creating custom HTML tags it also provides the best light-weight solution for creating a fine balance between the client logic and server.

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Ionic Mobile App Development


Ionic provides various tools and services for developing hybrid mobile apps using CSS, HTML5, and Sass. Applications which are built using these web technologies, are later distributed through native app stores. Providing a powerful (CLI) developers can create a command in a very simple and quick manner. It is requires Node JS and focusses on building applications, thereby contributing towards a tech enabled future.


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