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Have we ever pondered on how are happy & successful organizations created?

The answer is that we have been so busy with loads of work around, that to even answer a simple question like this rightly, would take time surely. When we talk about happiness, all we see is smiling faces and yes, obviously we are happy to have the same culture immersed in all of us. There has always been an old school of thought, to start a day with a smile and spread the same around with our fellow colleagues and associates. Definitely the entire essence or the crux is to begin our day with positivity so that in turn, we can also share the same vibes with people around us. All said and done, are we still able to find an answer to this?

Happiness Quotient for


Well, we as an employee friendly entity believe in the growth and overall personality of our employees as for us they are not only our employees, but our key strengths who drive the organization. We follow a very simple philosophy of creating a happy eco-system consisting of open door policy, transparency at work, spreading smiles across, being helpful & always being just towards everyone in any given situation.

These simple thoughts enable us to be more productive, enriching & fostering conducive work environment which, results in employees delivering their best at work, resulting in efficiency and being more thoughtful, delivering out-of-the-box ideas and delivering maximum value thoughtfully™, towards creating happy customers!


We believe in being simple, yet honest and deliver the best! We believe being happy from within, will surely make contented and smiling customers. We are throughout reminded that we are in the constant process of creating happy customers and, seeing a smile on their face helps make us smile too! At the end of the day, it’s all about people being an integral component of our business and also, knowing that their happiness is of our utmost importance. When we mentioned about creating a transparent and a sturdy eco-system in place, the first thing we know is that, we are here to enable and empower people around us to make them understand themselves and, in turn deliver the best!


We might say that happiness is a very personal thought, for each to its own and thus, scaling this to higher heights, we have always felt that it is an entire organization’s responsibility to create a good work environment and also, enable people in the organization to help them shape their own self in terms of working and gaining enriching experiences from them. A better profitability and in turn keeps the employees motivated and garner more positive brand affirmation.

Happiness Quotient for us has always been at the forefront, keeping all of us right from being Active to being Zealous at work! In a nutshell, A – Z of happiness is what we are proud of!