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GPS Services

GPS is a system that is based on satellite and can be used to locate positions on the earth. It is operated by US department of Defense and NAVSTAR which provides real-time navigation worldwide. Individuals with GPS service can use applications that need location co-ordination. It was originally launched as military project that is used in different civilian and military applications.

At present, GPS is used in different domains like-

  • Navigation at sea and air – GPS can be very beneficial in emergency response that is related to fire, floods, ambulance etc.
  • Mapping and surveying – Resource managers can use GPS applications in a variety of applications like – inventory, wildlife habitat, endangered species and much more.
  • Agriculture – More and more farmers are using advanced farming techniques that help in increasing production and profits. GPS can be used to locate insects, diseased weed, infestations etc.

Apart from the above said, GPS can be used for taxation assessment, environmental protection, atmospheric studies, scientific exploration and property valuation.

Mobinius GPS Services

  • Location Based Services
  • Device/GPS Tracking
  • Mobile Monitoring
  • GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System