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We are prepared for tomorrow’s technology needs

Driving the technology ahead successively is always a part of the future trends to arrive. The tech trend currently prevailing now has always been on a spree and will witness rapid development in the recent times to come. We at Mobinius believe in our innovative and integrated approach towards IT and have the vision & perseverance in tomorrow’s technology and are proud to say that we are prepared for the same, with our cutting – edge technologies to offer.

Intelligent Apps

The recent addition in the IT domain is the birth of the intelligent apps – which means human – machine interaction. This technology allows the machines to floor low the commands given by humans or interact with them, thereby making their lives simpler. In the whole cycle of understanding humans, these IA (intelligent apps) or VA’s (virtual Assistant’s) start suggesting things, providing info as needed or trying to accomplish or finish the task’s as being programmed. By 2018, Industry Experts expect most of the world’s largest 200 companies to exploit intelligent apps

Chatbots /
Business Bots

They are basically bots which deliver some tasks around the simulated conversation (Chats), by using Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI). Used across various apps such as ecommerce; customer service; call centers and internet gaming etc. 80% of businesses expect the chatbots by 2020.

Advanced Collaboration

It’s a result of how collaboration and machine learning can partner to bring together users, resources, and data. Eg – Hipchat to Flock to Slack.

Cyber Security

This is basically the whole bunch of various technologies, processes and practices which are used to protect the networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. This is definitely one of the hottest issues as various institutions & organizations are facing this global issue. It’s also a lack of the cyber security skills which organizations face. To overcome this, there are various cyber security tools and measures in place now.

Innovative Wearables

If we have to define this term simply, it will be an automated or an innovative tech gadget which is wearable! Technology could be made simpler because everything is at our hands. Factors affecting our daily lives such health, time management, to-do-tasks, traveling, etc., can be controlled now with the help of one touch such as smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart clothing etc

AI & Machine Learning

As the term aptly describes, it’s an automated intelligence exhibited by machines. They work as the way human’s do and are trained well for functioning as per the commands feeded or given. Machine Learning is a current application of AI focusing on how we should really just be able to give machines access to the data and allow them to learn on their own.

Intelligent things

IT is increasing rapidly and with this expansion there are chances of an highly aggravated IT boom. As we all are aware of the current phase of IoT , which is on its peak, since all the enterprises & the organizations are now talking about it and implementing the same at various level. The current IoT will become Intelligent Things with power of AI enabled systems, thereby replacing the human touch and escalating the tech to another level.

Humanized (Big) Data

This is all about human touch getting into big data, or in short the data which starts from humans. Hence, at some point of time humans would also be involved in the entire processing of data. It will soon be the future of technology, making all the businesses more intelligent.

Fog Computing

The term means bringing intelligence and processing closer to where the data is created. This entire processing takes place in a data hub on a smart device, or in a smart router or gateway, thus reducing the amount of data sent to the cloud. Few fog computing applications are smart grids, smart city & smart buildings etc.

AI and Automation

Basically automation is the rapid advancement of AI and robotics in the workplace, which means more and more smart machines and less mundane work in IT. It’s no longer ‘machine vs. human,’ but rather ‘machine and human.’ In short more disruption opportunities are created in automation.

AR and VR and MR

Currently this is definitely the flavour of the season – as its being the most talked about and also the most recent used for various applications. The basic difference between Virtual & Augmented Reality is the former offers a digital recreation of a real life setting, and the latter delivers virtual elements as an overlay to the real world. The whole look and feel indeed take us to various levels in entertainment, gaming, communication and industry.