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Ed Controls

We have worked extensively on the Project execution mobile application, which can help the project management:

Ed Controls is a pleasure to work with, a manageable tool that allows you to see at a glance what still needs to be done. Ensure clear communication between all partners. With ED Controls, you monitor the quality right from the start of the project whilst saving considerable time. Any action points are immediately directed to the right persons. This way you avoid problems piling up just before completion of the project.

Some of the main features we have worked on

  • Blueprint integration
  • Photo integration
  • Marking photos to indicate snags
  • GPS integration
  • Assignments of bugs to managers an their party contractors
  • Multiple mobile app for managers, contractors
  • Web application for managing projects from backend
  • Cloud based back end supporting offline and online support
  • Builders diary – to capture daily logs in a innovative way
  • Mobile apps on popular platforms – iOS and Android
  • Multiple device support
  1. iPad
  2. Phones
  3. Android Phones
  4. Android Tablets
  5. Desktops

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