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23rd September 2017, Saturday

CSR Activity Mobinius

We all know that living in a society, definitely gives everyone a chance to contribute for the betterment & well-being of individuals as whole. As they say, man is a social animal and the society which he thrives in, is also one of the important organizations (human society), which gives rise to an innate desire for communication & survival.
All said and done, it is important to create a good atmosphere for survival and well-being, and this definitely is a mandate for all the citizens, to be responsible & social ensuring that this happens. Here is where, we speak about Corporate Social Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility, often abbreviated “CSR”, is an organization’s initiative to contribute in some way or the other, either monetary or some aid, which will reflect the company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing.
We @Mobinius have always believed in – being grounded and lending a helping hand! Doing a noble deed always reflects on one’s kindness and attitude. As it’s always said to uplift the downtrodden and be generous to mankind; offering the un-privileged something that they would benefit from. We always have a very simple approach – help and get smile on people’s faces, so that one could be contented on doing a kind deed towards mankind and enlightening their lives.
Under the flagship activities of “Mobinius Belaku”; we recently conducted an activity at Desire Society, located in Bangalore, an NGO established in 2004. This organization focuses on children who are affected by HIV+ve, abandoned by one or both parents, children of sex workers, truck drivers and children who have been abused and belong to poor socio economic conditions. As on today the organization is able to reach up to 800 such needy children across the country.
We were glad to spend some time with the children. They were so full of fun!! All we had was fun & frolic, by playing various small games with them, which even reminded us of our childhood days. All these games were aimed at holistic development of the kids; since they are supposed to have more of physical activities, which makes them strong. Apart from this, we also distributed sweets and were really happy to be a part of the entire function!!
Looking forward for more activities!