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An agricultural platform build to save time, while making farming more profitable

Business Requirements

1. To build multi platform mobile solution to connect Farmers and other experts.
2. To Access Customer’s database of weeds, insects, disorders and diseases for corn, soybean and wheat etc.
Our Solution

1. One of the first solution to digitally enable agriculture industry.
2. System architecture to support end to end farming eco system.
3. Building a framework of components for native mobile solution.
4. Cloud enabled solution for iOS and Android platforms.
5. App customizations for different types of crops infected by weeds, insects and diseases.
6. Geo-referenced pins to track where scouts found issues, as well as provide accountability to what scouts are doing.
7. Building custom native components for Windows, IOS and Android
Solution Overview

Business Impact

1. Provides farmers assistance to identify field pests or disorders, ensuring field scouting and treatment recommendation with maximum accuracy.
2. Enable farmers to keep accurate and consistent, field specific scouting reports.
3. Better spraying efficiencies with built-in GPS mapping system that automatically records GPS coordinates, allowing Geo-reference specific pest “hot spots” in fields.
4. Increases communication efficiency, enabling users to share information instantly with people involved in the operation/crop consultant.
5. Historic data archives provide users with accessible information to make better-informed crop input and management decisions in future.

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