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Customer connect digital platform for world’s largest Hypermarket

Business Requirements

1. Inform the whereabouts of the nearest hyper markets based on the user location
2. Invite the customers to come and have the world class shopping experience at the nearest or the user selected mall.
3. Positional marketing
4. Latest promotions and offers
5. Web view access to the web-store for online shopping
Our Solution

1. Android, iOS and Windows App development
2. Backend server development on Drupal CMS, with PHP and MySQL
3. Portal for administration of the Backend using Drupal CMS system
4. Built-in support for Multi-Country deployment
5. Geo fencing & Push notification
6. Support for hierarchical structure of the Retail chain stores for any given country, regions, and cities
7. Support for different types of stores Hypermarket, Supermarket, Departmental and Express Stores
8. Administration Portal
Solution Overview

Business Impact

1. Increased customer engagement by enabling individual stores to directly connect with customers
2. Multi country support
3. Pragmatic marketing

Case Studies

ED Controls

LULU Stores

Sangeetha Mobiles

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