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Mobility in Consumer Electronics

Advancing the Business of Manufacturing

Mobinius’s services cover a broad range of capabilities, spanning mobile software application development (native/hybrid /mobile Web), product design and development, hardware design, and firmware basic input/output system (BIOS) and diagnostics services to real-time operating system (RTOS) development for Windows mobile, Android, Symbian, iOS, and RIM ecosystems, VLSI design, verification and validation services, and new product realization.

Our mobility in consumer electronics services include:

  • Product development services, protocol stack development (mobile, AN, CN)
  • Conformance and certification solutions
  • Product testing services, automation, and test tool/framework development
  • Embedded OS, applications, OAM, integration
  • Capabilities across technology domains – 2G, 3G, LTE, WiMAX

Platform development, driver development, middleware enhancement, OS version upgrades, commercialization and deployment, application development, user experience design, and customization. We have extensive exposure to technologies that involve multimedia, connectivity, Linux kernel and device drivers, NFC, radio interface layer, modems, OpenGL, and device management. Mobinius has also setup a Center of Excellence for Android platform and application development.

iOS Capabilities:

Mobinius has been quick to acknowledge the growing footprint of iPhone and consequently our mobility solutions team has made significant investments in building strong iOS platform capabilities. The services include:

Cocoa touch: Multi-touch based applications (zooming/panning), gyro meter based applications, map kit localization, user interface, and foundation kit.

Media services: Open audio library, audio mixing, audio recording, video playback, image file operations, PDF based operations, core animation, and open GL ES.

Core services: Core location, collection classes, address book access, networking, file access,SQLite usage, location based services, net services, threading, preferences, URL utility, and memory management.

Multimedia Capabilities:

Multimedia Applications: Mobinius’s mobility in consumer electronics experts work on devices including RealPlayer,Windows Media, Symbian, Linux, and Android. The team develops playback solutions, authoring solutions, and runtime performance benchmarking.

Middle layer: Mobinius has technology expertise in OpenMAX, DirectShow, FFmpeg, Gstreamer, OpenCore, and Stagefright. We develop codec plugins for various frameworks and work on the porting and integration of media frameworks.

Audio/Video codecs: Mobinius’s mobility in consumer electronics experts are involved in development, porting and optimization on

  • Platforms, such as ARM, Cortex, SH4, SH5, MIPS, C55x, C6x, and OMAP
  • Audio, video and speech codecs, and post processing components; HCL has worked on codecs, such as JPEG, MPEG4, H.264 encoder/decoder, MP3 decoder, and AAC decoder.

In addition, Mobinius possesses expertise in the conferencing domain specifically focusing on VoIP, signaling protocol stacks, audio / video codecs, SIP applications, H.323 audio / video applications, H.324 audio / video applications, instant messaging applications, streaming, and audio post processing.