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Comprehensive Tele-Medicine Ecosystem

Health Exchange Ecosystem – Groundbreaking Digital transformation for Health care in India

Business Requirements

1. Cater to all estates in the Health domain like Hospitals, Clinics, Homes and Pharmacy, Diagnostic and Pathology centers

2. Connect Patients to Doctors and Health Care specialists across the globe

3. Allow Doctors to make best use of their time and reach customers from anywhere.

4. Online payment and e-wallets

5. Virtual consultation with Video and Audio streaming at low bandwidth

6. Medical device data streaming

7. Administrative and Maintenance functions for Hospitals, Clinics and Service providers

Our Solution

1. Health Exchange Portal is an innovative, web and mobile platform to provide top class health care services.

2. Modular Health Platform which is both extensible and customizable

3. Extensive support for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices with multi-browser support

4. Third party tools for AV Streaming, Chat, App Share, Viewing of Medical records, Payments, etc.

5. Support for configuration of WAN network and creation of network infrastructure for cluster of hospitals, clinics, www access for patients

6. Maintenance of medical data, with selective and user approved sharing

7. Choice of technology components for safety, performance, scalability and compliance

Business Impact
1. Architecture design to touch 90 million users and 87 million consultation per year
2. Enable world class Health care reach to remote places
3. Complete array of e-Health care services from the user’s desk
4. Enables Health care service providers to launch their services instantly