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60% reduction in cost and time, 22% increase in productivity by working smart

Business Requirements

1. Failure costs are a major problem in the construction industry.
2. Communication and information exchange is essential to carry out effective coordination and control during the project.
3. To build mobility solution to bring seamless communication
4. Tool for (sub) contractors and quality and safety inspectors in construction
5. Effective management of work flow
Our Solution

1. Multi-platform solution which works seamlessly at construction and Shipping industry
2. The snag list items are indicated via tablet or smartphone
3. Audits helps to monitor and report in a clear cut manner
4. Solutions exists over Web, iOS and Android platforms
5. Offline caching and sync
6. Real-time analytics with admin dashboard
7. Customizable solution deployed across Construction, Ship Building, Facility Management Industries
Solution Overview

Business Impact

1. #1 in driving digital transformation across construction management in Europe
2. Effective communication and monitoring the quality of the construction while saving time
3. Reduces the failure costs and increases the profitability
4. Quick, paperless delivery
5. Well organized overview and clear responsibilities with different parties – (sub) contractors
6. Improved quality with Audits

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