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Intelligent, Powerful tool to interact with your customers


a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the internet.

Mobinius™ Rider

and engage customers with (human) intelligence and efficiency for a meaningful outcomes.

CAWI™ – Conversation Automated with Intelligence is our end to end Bot Builder framework

We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes” – Elon Musk

As we move a step ahead, towards eliminating redundant and mundane tasks to be replaced intelligently with the help of Chatbots – we will witness increase in the customer engagement, leading to less time consumption and abundant capital savings too and a greater number of satisfied customers.

Chatbots are the in – thing these days better known as artificial intelligence entity, has set the trends for the futuristic technology paving way for new roadmap for future. Technology is changing rapidly and we have been witness to several technologies which have been always been at the forefront changing lives from professional to the personal front.

We at Mobinius™ believe in being future ready and are available for deploying automated solutions for these following sectors.

Chatbots for Banking

Chatbots are exploding in the finance industry, and it shouldn’t be of any surprise to us. Obviously, with the sound ability to automate operations, expand or reach more customers, providing a hassle free banking experience in various ways such as getting the right balance enquiry, creating a user access, updating the account statements or transactions, chatbots are drastically changing the entire front and back end of the banking industry, enabling more digital smart banking solutions, as an artificial intelligence smart solution. Chats bots can intelligently suggest how customers can save money by choosing intelligent options available in banking domain.

Chatbots for Healthcare

Taking the same league ahead, catering to needs of patients at the right time with the right solutions, using an artificial intelligence assistance, has been of a great boon to this sector. With the technology advancements and with the help of chatbots, once can pre-diagnose the symptoms in cause of any illness, update the patient records, prescription refills, test results, provides doctors availability, fixing appointments, personalized care plans and reminders for medications and appointments, providing suggestions for supplements/ medicines etc. chatbots are indeed a “right-hand” to the medical fraternity.

Chatbots for Retail & E-Commerce

Customers today want to avail faster responses, as they are tired of waiting in long queues – irrespective of selecting, buying & paying for the same. Tech guided e-commerce with the intelligent conversational interface will definitely bring better shopping experience. Deep learning technology helps to identify unknown things such as product names and pictures. So, chatbots help clients search the appropriate products. They’re helpful to provide comparisons between different stuff and may lead the whole payment process. The Chatbots are capable of handling loads of info or requests from several users at a same time and deliver meaningful responses. Сhatbots are here to improve the entire retail segment – by capturing feedback and product reviews from the users.

Chatbots for Help Desk Automation

Next obvious application of chatbots, by being available 24X7, getting answers to queries, garnering reports, status of the ticket raised, time taken to solve the query, verification of the customer, authentication of the user, looking up the order in the system and finally providing the answer will take minutes while your customer is waiting etc., is the ultimate answer to getting the queries resolved through an automated technique using artificial intelligence – chatbots for a rapid, easy and quick deployment of solutions.
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