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May I help you?
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Business Models

Flexible models to match your needs
Mobinius is focused on building long-term strategic partnership with its customers. With this goal in mind, we provide the flexibility that best serves your unique business requirements thus ensuring a successful outsourcing partnership with us.
Fixed Price Contract
Fixed Price model is suitable for projects with well-defined requirements and schedules. When your need is clearly specified in sufficient detail, Mobinius estimates the project scope and complexity, and provides a project delivery schedule along with the fixed price for the complete product development. Under this business model, Mobinius ensures quality delivery of the final product within a pre-scheduled timeframe, and the customer pays a mutually agreed fixed price for the project implementation.
The primary advantage of the Fixed Price model consists in allowing the customer to determine exactly the project budget in advance. However, in comparison with the Time & Materials model, Fixed Price contracts tend to be less flexible for managing changes and additional features requests. Any requirement changes or new feature requests occurring during the project implementation process will cause a re-negotiation of the delivery schedule and price.
Time & Materials Contract
When the project scope, specification and implementation plans cannot be precisely defined at the outset or requirements may change dynamically during the project implementation process, the Time & Materials model provides the flexibility of modulating the size and workloads of the development team assigned to your project, while optimizing time and costs. Under the Time & Materials option, Mobinius offers its skilled resources, and the development effort is billed at the end of every month based on the pre-negotiated and mutually agreed hourly rate. Hence, the total project cost is determined by the amount of time and resources expended.
The advantage here is that the Time & Materials model offers you a high degree of flexibility to alter specifications, accommodate unplanned activities rapidly, and adjust project resources based upon your evolving requirements throughout the software development process. Mobinius also provides you with the flexibility to switch to the Fixed Price model once the project scope becomes clearly defined and the requirements are firmed up.
Start Ups
Several of your engagements have helped start ups is the past. We have started with a small concept which over a period of time has become a hot selling products. We feel that Starting up is a great thing and we support you. You could bring forth your idea to us and we can help you to come up with our product.
Our Approaches used for a Startup:
You could share your idea with us. Our Architects will go thru the project and they will suggest you technically as to how best this can be implemented is he in a financially feasible way.
We could suggest you to start with a small team to (start ting from team size of 1) to have the approach of idea to be evaluated by the market or the investors. You could ramp up the team based on you need.
You are passionate about the product and the Mobinius seconds it, we could partner with you to co-develop the product

  • You can postpone part of payments which will mutually agree upon.
  • We could partner in the developing the product in a shared revenue model.
  • We could jointly come up with an equity model.

Any time is a great time to start up!!Share your dreams and we will help you achieve your dreams!

B O T – Build Operate and Transfer
In this business model will help you build the offshore development Center in India with low entry barriers like cost overrun, Infra structure needs, legal Affairs, Cultural differences etc. We, Mobinius will build a team fo you and operated it for a certain period of time and after meeting a certain SLA transfer the operations to our Customers.vides you with the flexibility to switch to the Fixed Price model once the project scope becomes clearly defined and the requirements are firmed up.
Build Phase:
A team specified Engineers would be built by Mobinius, operations stabilized over a specified period and then transferred Customers rolls. Mobinius will build a strong brand to help attracting the talent. Mobinius will own this process and get the required staff on boarded in the targeted timelines of 2-3 months. The ODC Infrastructure can be located per in Mobinius as per Customers preference. Mobinius will execute the projects in T&M, FP of ODC as per Mutual discussion with the customer.
Mobinius will operate the team with agreed Service level agreements. Any new talent required will be brought on board within a specified amount of time. Mobinius will ensure that the customer deliverable are done with required quality norms as mutually agreed. Mobinius will also ensure that the attrition rate is minimum.
After the customer in convinced about the new team and its capabilities, Mobinius will help the customer to set up office infrastructure, transfer part of chosen existing team. Mobinius will ensure that the customer is comfortable in handling the ODC over few months before the transfer is complete.

Profit Sharing

The profit sharing pricing model is an outcome-based pricing model. This framework is based on incentivizing and rewarding the service provider for increasing the overall value delivered to the outsourcing organization beyond what is contractually expected from the service providers. Much of the value is deriving from the Mobinius s expertise and contribution. Such overall economic value addition is typical of strategic partnerships and alliances outsourcing models. Typically, customers seeking this contractual model do so because they rely on specific expertise from their service providers. These customers, hence, expect dramatic business improvements, which are typical outcomes of the transformational outsourcing model.

This model encourages and empowers service providers to engage in collaborative and creative problem solving as they work with the client organization towards achieving mutually beneficial business goals. This model, therefore, instills Mobinius with a greater degree of freedom to best to achieve tactical and strategic business results. For a successful outcome, this model requires a high level of trust to exist between the participating organizations, equal distribution of risk and reward, and significant upfront investment. In general, the profit participation is closely linked to the risk sharing.

Typically Mobinius, to the extent of its ability to influence the results, will adjust risk-taking.
An interesting feature of the profit sharing pricing model is that it is not the input that is rewarded, but rather the bottom line the client organization expects and achieves. Hence, this model differs substantially from other incentive based models.