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Builder’s Diary

The Builder’s Diary app is designed to replace a builder’s pen and paper diary of each day on work sites. The primary function of the app is to record details in a dated diary, but it will also allow users to input the names of different work sites and import contacts.

Each daily diary entry will automatically pull the weather forecast from a third party source such as Apple’s weather app for the user’s choice of location – either via input or automatic location services.

The notes area of the diary will allow multiple functions, including text, inserting images and handwriting, this area is unlimited and continues to scroll down and allow as much content input as the user wants. Any content entered into the diary is saved automatically without prompting. Older entries in the diary can be edited at any time with a prompt.

The app is built as Universal – work smoothly on iPad and iPhone. Users can create an account using an email and a password, which will allow them to log in from either iPad
or iPhone and access the same synchronized content (similar style to apps such as Evernote). Building sites and contacts uploaded to the app has been securely hosted.

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