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Bluetooth LE Integration

Bluetooth is the first thing that comes into our mind, when we think of latest technology. Bluetooth technology has reduced the usage of wires in various electronic devices. Now, Bluetooth low energy technology is on its way towards the market that is aimed for smaller devices like – Smartphone accessories and tablets. Bluetooth low energy technology can be considered as just another wireless technology withinnovative features that is involved with smaller devices.

The unique combination of this low power technology is integrated in a number of handheld devices. Moreover, this technology is suited well for numerous applications that run on Bluetooth LE integrated devices.

Bluetooth LE technology is neither a master, nor a slave. This technology is expected to be implemented in thousands of products in the coming year, which include – smart energy, phone accessories, home automation, assisted living, industrial automation, P2P intelligent transport systems etc. It is very beneficial for both the users and developers. Some of the features of Bluetooth LE technology that makes it different from others include-

  • Lowest energy consumption
  • Cost efficient and compatible with different kinds of handsets
  • Secured, reliable and robust
  • Co-existence of wireless
  • Broader connection range

Mobinius Bluetooth Services

We can help you in the following services:

  • Phone finders based on Proximity profile
  • Personalized medical device integration like Heart rate, ECG, O2 Levels etc
  • BT LE integration for several HW s for home automation like Lights, Security Systems, Home appliances