When a sale happens!

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There is an ample amount of frustration, confusion, fear involved when you go through the whole cycle of selling your concept or product. Not a easy job. I have spent years in sales field undergoing various situations & circumstance and almost decided not to take it up as a CAREER, until I got to rejoice the moment the sale happened. The feeling is priceless.

There is a secret recipe for a sale to happen here are the ingredients: whole lot of need from the customer, right timing, right solution and luck (the more you have the better) if you don’t get the recipe right then it’s just the matter of identifying that one weakness- pinch them where it hurts & introduce your product with élan, as a solution.

In a typical sales job there is a 90% possibility that the secret ingredient will not work because there are 99% people are out there rejecting you by saying “sorry, I am not interested” or you will get a hang up right there on your face or they are busy anytime of the day (even if they are snoring in their chairs) or “send me an email, I will get back to you” (most of the time the email is deleted without a second’s glance at it). Along with it there is crazy amount of pressure from your managers.

Hang in there it is not as scary as it sounds or looks. Be a sport. Change your approach every time there a change in a sales situation. Plan B always helps. Keep trying – there will be that special time when your destiny will change for better. Be strong enough to handle & endure rejection at each level. Because, when a sale happens it not just adds to the company’s revenue & clientele but it also adds a sense of achievement to your life.
Here is what I would like to share, “Everyone remembers & clicks the picture of a person standing on top of a mountain smiling with pride but no one clicks the picture of the pain & stress the person went through to reach there. That is exactly what happens when you make a sale. The salesperson remembers the process & the company remembers the sale. What you learn will always be yours and that is exactly the reason I decided that sales is what I would like to do.

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