What to Choose: Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack in 2021?

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Mobile app development has taken itself to the next level. Several technologies are being used together to produce mobile apps or web apps that have extravagant features.

How Web App Companies Define a Stack?

The term stack can be explained as a combination of programming languages, technologies, or software products. The stack can be broadly classified into two categories, namely technology stack and application stack.

How Web App Companies Define a Stack?

How Mobile App Companies are Choosing the Right Technology Stack?

Before jumping to the technology stack that would assist you, one should consider the below-mentioned things.

  • What are the basic requirements of your project?
  • Want to introduce agility or not?
  • You should be willing to go beyond the set requirements for gaining better audiences.
  • You should be well aware of the knowledge of the team or company you are hiring. Their level of expertise should be clear to you.
  • You should know that how flexible is your development team.
  • An estimate of the final development.

Now, let’s move to the technological stacks.

What is Full-Stack, According to node.js Development Company?

Skilled developers work in various distinguished fields or streams such as Frontend, Backend, Database, mobile app development, or mobile app and web app testing. Initially, the developers who possess expertise in any of the above fields could quickly get a job as developers. But with the new upcoming trends and dynamic demands, the new developers are expected to work on both frontend and backend, and they would have a preference if they know additional things beyond them.

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This has made a demand for full-stack developers. It is mostly because they give you benefits such as unique code for multiple technologies that would be great to create a UX/UI.

Today the developers have become advance, and they can solve the glitches in every field of development. The company is willing to hire full-stack developers that can work for them from scratch and make the complete web or mobile app

Top Benefits of Full-Stack Development by React.js Development Company

  • One can easily switch between the front end and back end as per their specific requirements.
    You can work on the whole design structure and at any level as the project demands.
  • It is also very cost-effective to hire a full-stack developer rather than hiring two developers – one for the front end and the other for the back end.
  • You have ownership of the design.

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  • You can easily add updates to it as there is no need for specialized updates in the front end or back end.You have the flexibility to move to whichever task you want.
  • The option of full-stack is most appropriate for small and medium enterprises.

How do Node.js Developers Define MEAN Stack?

MEAN stack is defined as a collection of JavaScript technologies that can assist in building complex websites or web apps. In other words, it is a full-stack JavaScript framework that proves to be a helping hand in application and web development, at the same time simplifies the work.

How do Node.js Developers Define MEAN Stack?

MEAN comprises MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. The most complex websites or mobile apps of the current time are developed with the help of the MEAN stack.

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It is a framework that provides the most popular plugins and also reduces the time on system administration. If you want to speed up the process of web and mobile app development, it is an appropriate choice.

Mongo DB and Express work on the backend and Angular and Node.js work on the front-end.

What are the Benefits of MEAN stack According to Express.js Developers?

  • Everything is under control from frontend development to backend development.
  • It supports the working of the Model View Controller.
  • It keeps the web application development work organized by avoiding unrequired grunt work.
  • It is a form of four renowned technologies MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js.
  • Pre-built testing tools accompany it.
  • It uses open-source frameworks.

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How do MERN Stack Development Companies Define it?

MERNstack is used for crafting web pages that fall in the premium category. Like MEAN stack, it also has comprised of four frameworks, namely MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. For developing web apps, it makes use of libraries, databases, and frameworks. MERN stack ensures a very smooth development process. The MERN stack is becoming very popular in the development market.

How MERN Stack Apps & Services can Benefit you?

  • It covers everything from front-end development to back-end development.
  • It supports the Model View Controller.
  • With this JavaScript, you require proficiency in two things JavaScript and JSON.
  • Compatible with the top four technologies MongoDB, Express.js, React and Node.js.
  • It is accompanied by pre-built great testing tools.
  • These are open-source frameworks.

Here is a video that would help in understanding mean stack and mern stack better!


There is not much difference between Mean stack and Mern stack. If we see on a broader perspective Mean stack uses Angular for front-end web application. Whereas Mern stack uses React. Both are efficient for Mongo DB apps.

Meanstack developers work with the four technologies they comprise of namely, MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. While the full stack developer can work on the entire development cycle without any disturbance or limitations.

All the stacks are famous in their way because of the terms and work they provide. But on the note of popularity MEAN stack and MERN stack is the current favorite in the market.

If you are willing to go for MERNstack app development, consider all the pros and cons. As the MEAN stack is very similar in the working choose wisely among the two. Consider all the project requirements and see whether Angular would be a perfect fit or React.js.

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