What is Flutter and Everything to Know about Flutter 1.12

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When we talk about something new, our expectations are already high. This Flutter 1.12 is worth it and has given a thumbs up to all the expectations so far. Flutter 1.12, has come with extraordinary functions and developments in the Flutter framework. It now has support for Game Controller and Android App Bundles. The most important advancement made in Flutter 1.12 is its focus on ambient computing.

The best part of it is, the developers do have to think twice to choose a gadget when they go for Flutter mobile app development or flutter web development.

Features of Flutter Apps and Flutter 1.12:
Dart 2.7

As stated above the flutter stable version would bring along with it new advancements and one of it is the introduction of Dart 2.7. With the changes and updates in 2.7, it is evident that the programming language would be more compatible with Dart 2.5, which would give advantages related to the extension process. It is very capable as it would assist the developer so that they can prevent errors, especially when the variables get a zero value.

MacOS desktop support

With the help of ‘flutter create’ mobile app development company professionals would be able to run a flutter project on macOS. When it comes to desktop support, it has also undergone significant changes. It now includes dropdown keyboard navigation, visual density assistance, radio buttons, and checkboxes. The list is long, and also advancements on Linux are in process.

Flutter Development

Beta web support

When mobile apps are catching speed then the web cannot be left behind and therefore in Flutter 1.12, there is also an upgrade available for Flutter for the web. Now applying a dart complier and flutter platform has become very convenient the web assistance of Flutter has made its way to the beta version. In other words, it has simplified the work of developers very efficiently.

iOS 13 dark mode for flutter apps

The programmers who are the lover of the development process would be excited to know that with Flutter 1.12, full assistant for dark mode would be available in IOS 13. The auto toggling to dark mode on android 10 is already possible with the use of Flutter, and it takes minimum efforts on the part of developers to work with it.

iOS-like widgets. That is called Cupertino are available in the dark them with the introduction of Flutter 1.12. In the dark mode settings available in the device, it would be enabled automatically.

Adding to the flutter mobile apps

Official assistance comes along with Flutter 1.12 when it is added to ay IOS or android app. When we want to transfer the already existing app or the under-developing app to the Flutter once, here we do not need to start everything from the beginning. Instead, one can start directly from where it is left.

The developer that use Android for their apps can use the flutter module option in the new module view of Android studio. This would help the developer to add Flutter to any Android-based project smoothly.

DartPad for apps made with Flutter

With Flutter 1.12, the other beauty benefit for the customers is the updated DartPad. This updated DartPad would give you a lot of liberty, such as editing Flutter code and assessing rendered UI. The developer would also be able to work resourcefully with the flutter code.

Adobe XD to produce the best flutter apps

Another brilliant development is the tie of Flutter with Adobe XD, and then XD could be used in the flutter plugins. Flutter can make designs more efficient and very easy, which gives a very handy partnership between developers and designers.

The advance part of this whole process is that when XD designs are placed in the Flutter, they automatically change into coding form and thus, one can further use it in flutter mobile apps.

Impact of flutter advantages in various sectors:
  1. Start-ups: It is of extreme importance to them as they have a chance to test their ideas in the desired market completely, not on just one user base.
  2. Established brands: With this, the established brands would be able to reuse the code again and again. All the resources incorporated by the team can be used as a single entity.
  3. App developers: It could change the overall working process of the flutter app developers as one would be able to use the same language for backend and layout. One could also get the experience of higher animation speed.
  4. UI/UX designers: It helps the designers with real-time changes and can also combine animations, text, UI, graphical content, videos, and text, etc. Other platforms are also coming with Flutter that would add to the experience of UI/UX designers.
Learn Flutter or hire flutter app developers?

Learning depends on your interest and determination. If you are truly into programming, it won’t take you more than two to three days. Usually, a person can acquire it in roughly two to three weeks. You can also hire flutter app developers today to build your new applications with the latest features offered by Flutter.


It is a mobile UI framework by Google. It assists in creating high-quality native interfaces on Android and IOS. It is free and open-source. It works with the existing code.

As far as the stable version is concerned, discussions have been around for quite some time now. We can see Flutter Beta 2 released in April 2018 as the latest by Flutter app developers. The stable version has not made its way in the market yet but should come with various changes in codes.

Ambient computing is collective gadgets that are interconnected with each other more like extensions to each other. They facilitate you with a smooth experience. Ambient computing has been developed by the Flutter developers or Flutter app Development Company so, that you can use the various internet-connected gadget that you come across every day on any device of your choice.

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