Web App Development Stacks: Top Trends & Technology in 2020

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Our lives have drastically changed with the advent of technology since technology’s impact on our lives can be seen in almost all aspects of life. We use apps, websites, etc. on a very regular basis, and their usage is a rough idea of how vital and crucial technology is. But, the right development of the app/website is essential owing to its importance in people’s life.  According to the survey, the top three web stacks used by developers include Angular(60%), React (45%), Vue Js technology(33%).

We all know that various stacks and trends support web development. Here is the complete web development guide to the latest trends in web app development 2020 and technology stacks. They will help a developer to develop excellent services in the present that is tangible with the future. 

Latest Web App development Technologies and Web App Development Frameworks 2020

Overview of web technology 

Web development constitutes the work involved in developing a website, which can be as simple as a static page to the most complex of Internet applications. Thus, it is basically behind the screens work, done to make a website look great, appealing, and functioning correctly.

Need for understanding the latest trends and technologies

Understanding and applying the latest trends and technologies is essential in web development. It is because obtaining the best possible outcome of a web page with the least input of time; effort is always the motive of all developers. Hence, having an excellent understanding of all the new trends in web programming in the market can aid one to choose the best technology that performs at its best and gives the desired results of the web page as to one’s expectations.  Above all, most importantly, by understanding how the present and latest technologies captivate the people, one can fine-tune and refine one’s webpage accordingly to sustain an extra edge in the competitive market. 

Latest Trends and Technology Stacks in 2020

Given below are some of the latest trends in web technologies that ruling in 2020:

1.Voice search

Humans always aim at reducing their work to the maximum level possible. The big welcome and hugely positive response for voice search is an apt example for the same. Companies are incorporating this technology into their projects and take it as the future of web development. The ease of use is the top factor that boosts the voice search era. Hence, almost all smartphones have a constituent voice search application – Siri for iOS and Google Assistant for Android phones. 

As an additional add – on, ‘smart speakers’ are growing popular now since they can be empowered with AI and be used. The yet another factor that helped in the voice search era to reach this position is its affordability. Hence, when one is developing a web app for business using popular web frameworks, one must think about including voice search features and aim at even facilitating smart speakers. It is because they improve the number of loyal audiences and thereby help one to generate leads.


It’s a widespread thing to look for the excellent performance of the web app. Developers keep on checking if it is up to the expectations or not while creating a web app. The performance issues occur due to limitations imposed by JavaScript that makes the user experience bad. It is also one of the major reasons for games and high-performance apps to be available only as a native desktop web app. But, WebAssembly sets a breakthrough here. It is one of the latest trends in web development 2020.

react js web app

Its code is executed quicker than JavaScript due to which one can develop an app with any code, but WebAssembly would nicely run it in the browser. It implies that more people have access to the same content than before, without any additional expenses, which can positively increase the traffic to the site and foster lead generation too.  One should try it out if one plans for an online editor, mapping apps, etc. since its performance is super fast that attracts many customers. 

3.Content Personalization

When talking about the latest technology used in web development, one of the greatest tactics that every business uses is content personalization. It uses technologies like machine learning, a part of AI. These affect our day to day activities without even us knowing it. 

For example, a prominent entity like Netflix used machine learning to identify individual tastes and preferences. Later, they offered content accordingly to continually engage the user with personalized content that they can like. It made him/her use the service continuously in a way that they couldn’t say no and can only come back for more. Similarly, any business about to develop a web app should experiment with ML for better and informed decision making. 

4.Data protection in web development

The more the data a web app makes use of, the more it tantalizes the cybercriminals to make it used in the wrong way. The company’s services are spoiled, reputation is at stake, users’ information is misused, and it costs a lot finally to get it all repaired.  Hence, one must use the security testing explicitly, employ website – monitoring tools, carefully collaborate with and opt the third-party services, and highly encrypt the sensitive data. Top companies are looking to hire web app developers that can handle this security aspect with full ease. 

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Along with these, one must also include the usage of AI, DNS decentralization, and blockchain technology for data security. AI along with Web Development stacks helps in spotting threats and harms with its examined patterns of study. At the same time, blockchain and DNS decentralization decentralize the data to avoid concentration at a point which prevents easier stealing of data. Hence, every business about to develop a web app should use it since it is an investment for a longer run. 

5.Motion UI

A picture conveys what a thousand words can’t. Hence, visual appeal is always indulging. One of the brilliant aspects of a visual appeal that the present technology allows is motion design. The future of web development revolves around this technology. Even pictures and designs are minimalized with more interactive elements like background animations, transitions, animated charts, etc. 

These would help in making a web app stand out, among others, with the unique style of approach and entertainment offered to the user. It also enhances the rank in web search results. Every business can include such motion design in the web app. All this is because it increases the engagement, offers better UI/UX, guides users as to how to use the product/service/even the web app. 

Best Framework to build Web Applications

For your convenience, we have also covered the latest trends to be incorporated into the framework used to develop the web app. Here are a few choices that can serve as the best framework for web development:

  • Angular js development and Mean stack development

Angular and MEAN stacks are some of the best web frameworks that have got a huge user base in recent years due to the features they offer. Many hire angular js development services for their apps as it has a Model–View–controller architecture, with two–way data binding processes that make sure that all the changes made in the model are made in the same view too.

angular js development services

Meanwhile, MEAN stack is a framework with four eminent technologies – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js, all of which are of great functionality and characteristics and offers the best apps with much ease. 

  • React js development

Many top web applications of the world include the react js web app. The top applications and companies hire react js developers and best reactjs web development company for app development as the fantastic virtual DOM whereby incorporating changes at any point in time is very easy and simple. 

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Usage of the JSX component to simplify the code and improve the component-based approach is one of the salient features of React JS, making it grow more and more popular.

  • Vue js development

Vue.js is a nascent JS framework, but one of the apps with greater popularity and familiarity in recent users. It is all due to its lightweight solution, which made many to hire vue js developers than others. The basic functionalities are so smooth and of another level, while its functionality can also be extended with add–ons.  As you probably guessed, Vue.js is also used together with MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js as a part of the MEVN stack.

  • Flutter development

A significant reason to use flutter and hire flutter developers is the potential it has – its toolkit allows the app to be at its best with rich interface in all devices (multi-experience). Multi – experience is one of the top 10 web development technologies that is existing presently and is greatly sought by developers since their web app. must be looking great anywhere and anytime. Similarly, there are a plethora of awe-inspiring back–end programming languages like node.js. 

Some Final Words

In the words of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, “Figuring out what the next big trend is, tells us what we should focus on.” We can understand the importance of knowing web technology news and the latest technology used in web development, for focussing rightly and launching a killer web app. By using top web app frameworks, the apps would last long in the minds of people and consequently bring more profits on return.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can function like native ones, and react native web PWA are blend integrating react native and PWA.

A web app development company has professional developers, who would have knowledge of new trends in web programming, offers cost-effective and very professional apps. 

There are many stacks, and the best one depends on one’s need and usage. 

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