User Experience : the livewire of automation

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User Experience (UX): the livewire of automation

User retention and user acquisition are two main areas of focus in terms of a long-term success for a business. For retaining existing customers as well as to acquire new ones, the business has to offer the best of customer experience. User Experience (UX) is steadily gaining popularity as a parameter to gauge the success of a business.
There are several strategies that businesses use to improve the user experience. Right from having a responsive customer care team, to a smooth consistent and user-friendly mobile app, there are several approaches. Depending on the type of services or products you offer, there would be ways that you can device to make the customer experience the best in class.
So where does UX automation come in picture? Automation, when spoken of, is often viewed as something that would replace a human employee – something that would lead to the dwindling of the job market. But that is not the scenario always. In fact, if wisely planned automation can improve the user experience and make the employees work a whole lot simpler as well.

Why do all the business giants concentrate so much on User Experience (UX) Automation?

Talk about the globally successful businesses, have you seen that they a lot a major share of their investment on tweaking and enhancing the user experience?

  • Happy users make businesses successful. If you wish to let your business flourish and expand in the long run, you have to focus on offering the best user experience
  • User experience is what gives you an edge over your competitors. Remember that the gig economy is on the rise and so is the trend of small businesses. So the race is getting tougher!
  • UX matters at the juncture where your business and your customers directly meet say your website, mobile apps or the brick and mortar store in some businesses. So this juncture should give you an idea about ways to improve the UX.
  • The fact that UX is so crucial is why the website and mobile app development and design team, for example, focuses more on the usability of the interface than the actual visuals.
Automation of UI/UX testing:

One significant step in the process to deliver the best UX is testing. The whole purpose is to test the product or service in customer’s shoes to make sure it is of commendable quality. The more you test your product/service, the easier it is to find all the major and minor flaws. Repetition of tests is a laborious process. This is where UX / UI test automation comes as a boon. It can repeat the test any number of times and thus give you with more accurate output report.

Skilled professionals and testers can be assigned better work:

Automation of UX testing can help your team focus on more important work. In most cases, highly skilled labour is often assigned to run monotonous repetitive tests. Be it to retain the accuracy of the inputs or to precisely record the output, automated tools can lift the burden off the shoulders of the skilled professionals. These resources can instead be used on more productive work than for the routine tests. They can focus on analyzing the test reports instead and work on the areas that need improvement. This would help improve the user experience further.

The combined power of automation and other new technologies:

When UX automation is combined with other new technologies like AI, machine learning and more, you can innovatively enhance the user experience (UX). For example, if you could automate the customer care helpdesk procedure, if you perhaps include a chatbot that can instantaneously look into customer queries, it makes the customer feel good and also makes it easy for your customer care team.
When a powerful machine learning algorithm is combined with an automation tool for testing, it can feed possible corrections based on observed errors and thus improve the quality of testing as well. Instead of having a stringent test method this can also help device a test strategy that can evolve to accommodate the usability improvement aspect. This would be closer to the feedback you get from an actual customer.

Marketing automation can do a lot of good for your business:

Marketing is one place where automation is gaining a steady momentum. It involves signing up on a website and fill out your personal information, and you soon start getting relevant promotions delivered in your email. You view a particular product or service on the website or mobile app, you get notifications about similar products that might suit your taste! These are examples of the simplest forms of automation in marketing. Automation of marketing has made the UX not just better but also more personalized. But remember to do it right. Overflowing promotional emails and newsletters would also be a big turn off. So when the automation of marketing is done right, you can be sure that your users feel special and receive the best user experience.
There are many other areas where automation of the routine processes can make it easy for you to deliver better user experience. Understanding your target audience would help you choose the right automation tools.

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