Top Ten Apps with the Best UI /UX

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There has been a tremendous change in the way we use technology for our convenience. Almost every pocket has a Smartphone and every Smartphone is GPRS enabled. Every day witnesses the launch of a new mobile phone with better software. The make, color and design of a mobile are overshadowed by the software that is updated and user friendly. UX (User Experience) of a mobile phone catches most attention as this is where basic functionality is decided. UX is all those elements and factors related to the user’s interaction with a particular device. It can generate a positive or negative perception of the product, brand or system.
UX is related to design and usability. It also involves emotions and feelings of the user, accessibility, brand trust and features. UI is the user interface. It is the field where interaction takes place between humans and machines. It is for the effective operation and control of the machine on the user’s end, and the feedback from the machine’s end.
Out of a whole crowd of UI/UX apps, we have here assembled the gems! The top 10 apps for better UI, grab them all!

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1. Reeder

The app is for iPhones. Use it once for incredible user experiences! Reeder 2 is for both iPhones and iPads. It supports Readability, Feedbin, Fever, Feed Wrangler, and Feedly as reading and sync services and local RSS subscriptions with no syncing.

2. Apple maps

Designed by none other than apple, UX was expected to be the best. Apple map will help you to find directions by giving turn-by-turn audio directions, interactive 3D views, and has an appealing Flyover feature. The vector-based interface scales and zooms easily.

3. Domino’s Pizza app

You will never stay hungry again. The Domino’s Pizza has created an interactive and fluid app. The menu system is similar to the motif of Facebook for iPhone. It works on all WebKit-based mobile browsers. You can also track your pizza until it reaches your home by real-time Domino’s Tracker.

4. Songza

It is an iPhone music app. The app has a high-quality audio for different genres. You can also choose from different curated stations according to time of day and specific situations like when you are driving, work out, and cooking.

5. Dark sky

Have an eye on the weather with this easy to use app. The app tells you the weather with the help of extremely clear weather pictograms. It is an easy to use and understandable app. It will predict rain and snow effectively. You can also have your own personal weather station.

6. WebMD

The app is an Android application. It is basically a diagnosis app; you can type in your symptoms and know the probable disease you have. You can also get a list of doctors and pharmacists in your place. You can also get first aid tips in case of emergency.

7. Camera Genius

The photo app is beautiful and unique. It is designed by Eugene Cheporov who is an art director at Artua Studio. The app uses skeuomorphism to improve the photo taking experience.

8. Moodswings

You can track your mood throughout the day using this app. The UI of this app is totally remarkable. You can add and track your daily mood according to time and location. You can also know the moods of people in your neighborhood. Find out the reason behind your mood swings.

9. Pocket fashion consultant

It is a Fashion Advisor app. Every girl will just love this beautiful app. The app will tell you what to and what not to wear. It is like your personal fashion designer. You can share advices about style and fashion with like-minded people. Learn some fashion tricks and follow them.

10. Sudoku app

Sudoku is a highly addictive puzzle game. Usually played on newspapers, the game is now available on your mobile phones. The graphics and animation are superb to use.

A good mobile app should have great UI and UX features. The above apps make your mobile experience memorable due to their amazing functions. So, how many of these are preloaded on your phone?
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