Technology trends that will redefine Artificial Intelligence in 2017

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Four Technology Trends that are going to redefine AI

Every industry, every business whether big or small is now in love with artificial intelligence (AI) and the myriad of ways it can be used. Accompanying technological evolutions like the Internet of Things are also impacting the growth and use of artificial intelligence in businesses.
It has been growing at a steady pace. But in the recent years, there is a sudden surge in the application of artificial intelligence. Ranging from healthcare, IT, manufacturing to science, every domain now is having a marked penetration of artificial intelligence based systems. Here are some of the trends of 2017 that will further redefine the way we use artificial intelligence and the technology as such:

Automated customer response solutions:

Virtual assistants are not just for the smartphones anymore. Businesses are looking for virtual customer care assistants. For online customer assistance, there are several businesses that use chat bots to instantly respond to customer queries. For the physical stores, there are humanoids being used in some places to assist the customers and direct them to the right department for prompter response and resolution. This need for virtual assistants is speeding the growth of artificial intelligence.

NLG would soon find its way:

Humanized AI aims at making artificial intelligence systems respond like a human. This would make them more acceptable. One such process is the natural language generation (NLG). What if your artificial intelligence system could instantly process huge volumes of data and output a report in a natural sounding language? This is what NLG is all about.
With normal computational tools, data analytics is simple. But then you can only draw a preset report format, say a graph or an infographic or a table giving a gist of the massive data analyzed. Putting this in words would require a human intervention. Natural language generation systems can take this a step further and give you a verbal report of the analyzed data. Where would you be using this?
If you are looking for say a sudden news update, a weather report, sports scoreboards, stock market scenario and other such continuously changing environments in the conventional cases a human writer or reporter would be jotting down the report that you come across. An NLG system, however, can instantly compare all available data and instantly put together a report for you and you would not be able to find a difference as these systems are designed to produce natural-sounding language. This is one of the major revolutions currently seen. This is giving a new perspective to artificial intelligence.

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Better processing power and machine learning:

AI has been in existence for years. But limited processing capabilities also posed a limitation hindering its growth. This now is not a problem as we have sophisticated systems capable of handling large volumes of data and those with exceptional computation and processing capacities. We also have hardware crafted particularly to handle AI systems. AI based appliances, Graphics processing units, and other such systems are being designed to deliver AI-based applications. This makes a better platform for the evolution of AI. Also with the advent of machine learning technology, developing complex algorithms is also made simple. AI systems with the combined power of adaptive learning algorithms run on a high-end processing unit can give unmatchable results.

Internet of things:

The era of connecting things has already begun. There is also a bright scope for development in this area. The concept of connected devices or Internet of Things is not complete without the integration of AI. Devices would not just be connected to other devices, there would be master devices that would also know to learn and evolve and intelligently control other devices in the network based on the configuration. Such smart systems would also learn the behavior of the user with continuous use and deliver customized results.
Artificial intelligence based startups have recently been bought but some of the major IT giants. This is because the market is now approaching a direction where AI forms the core of several new systems. Businesses shying away from AI revolution might be at risk of losing to their competitors. AI is mainly aimed at delivering better customer experience and this would mean that these systems would also be welcomed by the customers. So the right time to learn about AI systems and adopt them is now!

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