Reasons to choose Node.Js for Web application Development

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Node.js has become vital for web application development. Major companies have moved their applications to Node.Js. The reasons are obvious, and we can quickly figure out how Node.JS would help your business.

Node JS Web App Development

  1. Best for real-time apps:

    The Node.JS platform can be used to create multi-user apps working on real-time using the web socket protocol within the Node.JS which makes it possible. The process of synchronisation between the server-side and the client-side in Node.js is too fast and organized enough to make communication real-time at the speed of lightning.

    That’s the reason Node.JS development proves to be the best for real-time web apps such as gaming, video streaming, chat, and much more. Node.JS even becomes the must-needed platform for the real-time web application development.

  2. Dynamic NPM:

    NPM means the Node Package Manager used by Node.JS to help developers with access to modules that integrate various functionalities & various open-source packages in your web apps.

    This means that if the Node.JS developers wishes to implement certain functionalities which is difficult for them, they can use the dynamic NPMs and develop apps with feature-rich web apps. With this, you can easily stay at recent trends & technologically upgraded and outperform the competition.

  3. Scalable apps:

    With high output, Node.JS smoothly handles a multiple number of simultaneous connections and channelizes the incoming network traffic across multiple CPUs. Those developers who use Node.JS can easily add more functionalities to your web apps without compromising on the app logic.

    So, the web applications developed using Node.JS are scalable enough for the latest development trends and changing customer needs.

  4. Rich ecosystem:

    Node.JS is full of widgets, plugins, tools, packages, and modules that are open-source and which can be used to build feature-rich and successful web apps. With the access to so many open-source tools, the cost of development to a Node.JS application is much lower compared to other cross platform application development.

    Also, there are more and more tools being registered within Node.JS and because of this rich ecosystem, it is ideal for developing web apps.

  5. Speedy app development:

    Looking at all the benefits of Node.JS discussed above, a few things are clear-
    JS developers have a huge number of tools, packages, and modules in NPM available to utilize to make the app feature-rich.

    To implement new functionalities, RESTful APIs comes as a saviour and be utilized in Node.JS. The developers don’t need to invest their esteemed time for learning Node.JS coding. All other benefits allow the Node.JS developers in saving a huge amount of time while developing your web app. This clearly means that overall your web app development is faster when you choose Node.JS.

  6. Strong corporate support:

    Node.JS was developed and now strongly supported by The Node.JS foundation which was formed to bring in more and more developers to start using Node.JS and speed up the development of Node.JS.

    More and more corporates such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, and many others offer great support to Node.JS to make it more beneficial to the users and successful. Because of this strong corporate support, the adoption of Node.JS has increased to a great extent. That’s the reason there is no pause in the growth of Node.JS.

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