Pros and Cons of using framework

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A framework can be defined as an abstract tool kit to make development easier and faster. It contains a set of predefined function and classes which can be reused. Now a days we can see framework for almost all languages, not only for the server side technologies but the front end development languages like javascript and CSS, which substantiate the frameworks are widely used across the globe for development.
Just like all other stuff, sadly, framework too has good side and bad side. As it is said earlier, the framework allows us to develop something faster and easier than if we choose using classic OOPS. But faster and easier necessarily may not be the better. Let us see what exactly are the sides of a framework

Javascript Framework


• Good news for web application developers
For web application developers, framework is a very good thing. Working on server side technologies is much difficult than working on Windows of Mac OS development since the rules are not set as standards. A framework can be used to fill this gap
• Efficiency
Using a framework can improve the efficiency of development. It will help the developer to develop the application faster with is predefined reusable abstract classes. A work which usually takes hours with hundreds of lines of codes can be developed with in minutes using the predefined function available in the framework class.
• Security
Framework allows us to develop secure applications. When you are using the framework, you don’t have to sweat yourself for implementing security features. Almost all frameworks come with predefined security towards a lot of known vulnerabilities.
• Stability
Most of the frameworks are open source and hence is very much stable since the wide support of developers across the globe and the users of these frameworks happen to be long term testers of the framework. Chances for unattended bugs are very very less with such an atmosphere
• Free of cost
Most of the frameworks are free of cost because of which lot of developers tends to use various frameworks they prefer
• Support
Being open source, you can find help and support all over internet at any time, most of the framework comes with neat documentation and demos


• Acquired Framework Syndrome
We become more dependant of the framework forgetting the language itself. Students in institution are taught frameworks instead a of languages. Using the framework alone, make you lazy for routing a request or mapping database objects to the queries and thus, some geeks start saying I used only dotnet, I don’t use C# any where
• My Way or High Way
Lack of ability to customize has always been a big problem with frameworks. You can either do the stuff as defined in the framework or you can avoid using framework. When you want customized stuff, either you have to built your own framework, or you can tweak an open source framework. Both consumes a lot of time.
• Encapsulation
When you are using a framework, you will have very less knowledge about the base on which your application is built on. This will frustrate you when you debug your application. On debugging, it will take you through tons of encapsulated functions which you have no idea for what it is built to.
• Public code
Most of the frameworks are open source and hence available for public. These frameworks can be studied and flaws in it can be used against the application your built.

Some Solutions

From the above findings we can presume that using a framework is good for rapid development, but always discrete the language from the framework. It is also important to choose the best framework that suits your application since framework will not allow you to customize the function. In order to avoid any vulnerabilities in the code, always use updated version of the framework

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