Pros and Cons of Cross Platform Mobile Applications

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The basic intention of developing an app for your business is to make more and more people to access it irrespective of the device they are using.  Most devices these days use wither the Android platform or the Windows platform, apple devices use iOS. There are devices using the Blackberry platform.
When one knows that most of the users using his or her app is using the same platform, choosing the right platform for app development becomes much easier. These days, however, with the rise in number of dependable platforms, users have a lot of options. Thus the need of an app which can function in multiple platforms arises. Cross platform mobile app development is the development of applications that is usable on a number of platforms.

Pros of Cross Platform Apps
  • The first advantage is the greater number of people that a cross platform app can reach. With the increase in number of smartphones a cross platform app enables one to tap additional markets. Cerait Mobile Apps Development Lab can help you to develop an app that meets all your requirements.
  • The second benefit is the possibility of generalized marketing. With a cross platform app there is no niche market, and the marketing can be done on multiple media.
  • The third benefit of such an app is that it can be updated across all platforms simultaneously. This is a more cost effective method that having multiple apps for multiple platforms. At the same time the appearance of the app and the experience it provides is uniform across multiple platforms too.

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Cons of Cross Platform Apps
  • When one is developing a cross platform app, one needs to make sure all the tools and the languages of different platforms are compatible with the code.
  • Platform integration can be a major issue when it comes to cross platform app development. Integrating your app with the local settings of the platform along with the proper notification system and preferences can be problematic.
  • When one attempts to develop a cross platform app he or she should be prepared to lose the flexibility a single platform app offers.

Numerous Android App Development Companies in India are realizing the need to develop apps that will run all kinds of smartphones and tablets. The requirement of such apps that runs on multiple platforms is only going to increase in the future, as predicted by several surveys.

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