Polymer Phones

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Mobile technology is ruling the world today, but main barrier to mobile technology is screen size. Average screen size of mobile size is 2.5 inches today. Polymer phones will helps to break this barrier. The main motto of polymer phones is to increase mobile screen average by triplet in size that is up to 5-9 inches.

Presently this polymer technology is using in e-book readers (Polymer Vision Readius). The below picture shows the Polymer Phone prototype.

This prototype phone has 5 inches display that will wraps around phone. This Polymer screen uses a TFT controlled Electronic Ink technology on a flexible substrate to create a monochrome display that is quite flexible (Motorola fone f3 uses this technology on its screen). This type of display has very low power requirements and can be used easily in direct sunlight (because it relies purely on reflected light). Because of this low power consumption, this phone has a battery life way beyond normal phones.

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