Prime Mobile App UI/UX Designs Trending in 2020

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The UI design, an integral part of the journey of mobile application development, is a whole different concept in itself. For any mobile app development company, UI design is considered of great importance because it establishes the customer’s connection with the brand. Also, it fulfills another responsibility, which is of vital importance that is a better ROI on the application. Mobile app developers prefer that the UI/UX design is customer-centric and the quality of content should be engaging. UI apart from designing is also used for other things such as for structuring and labeling when used in combination with different functions. 

Let’s have a look at the top UI/UX trends that are quite popular in 2020 and have a huge impact on the development industry:

Top UI/UX trends To Follow in 2020:

  • The trend of personalization

Personalization has become very important as the regular involvement of the customers and the new advancements such as machine learning and artificial intelligence is increasing. Not everything can be practiced in the standard form, therefore improved personalization for the UI will reflect itself in the upcoming year. YouTube, SoundCloud that uses AI for making recommendations along with different fitness applications are using improved personalization to benefit users.  

  • Round Corners

No matter the OS, leading UX designers are using rounded corners in their applications to give them a different and classy look. Since the UI design inbuilt has a curved design, all other applications that you install in the mobile are displayed in the same light. In each app, you will see a rounded appearance. Round corners are considered to be smooth when one looks at them.

  • Voice-interaction

UI/UX design companies know exactly how voice-interaction can help the customers to get a quick and precise result. So voice-interaction can be seen in different forms such as Siri in Apple, Alexa in Amazon, Bixby in Samsung and Google Assistant.

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  • You do not need a password to login

We have a large number of apps on our mobiles that store important and personal information. Remembering the password of every application can be a challenging task and therefore in 2020, we will be able to witness the trend of password-less login.

When you hire UI/UX designers, make sure that they use this trending feature for new applications. Although many password-less logins are still available in the market such as fingerprint, facial recognition, and one-time passwords, many more will make their way soon. 

  • Animations will attain the next level

Operative animation is used by UI/UX design Services Companies in abundance because they increase the interaction with the users. The users are able to make out the changes, actions, and patterns through animated moves and motions. The animation is also an essential part of the branding and is eliminating the interaction gap with advanced animation. 

  • Gradients

UI/UX design company should be well aware of the fact that new Gradients would appear in the year 2020; it is more like that their avatar would change. They would be vibrant shades that can be used for background purposes. The vibrant shades are of huge importance as they would bring the desired depth along with appropriate dimensions and positivity. The gradients are kept simple in such a way that they are classy and stylish at the same time.

  • 3D and Faux-3D design

When you will hire mobile app developers, make sure that they know about the latest trends like the 3D design. The 3D design is very popular and is known by everyone for a long time, but they had limited space to operate. They were limited to entertainment and games, but some they would be used to strengthen the applications by using 3D design in their functions. Mobile interactions would be taken to the next level with the introduction of 3D and Faux- 3D design. 

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  • Use of dark themes

Mobile apps are using the dark theme at an alarming rate because it’s a low-light UI that proves beneficial for the UX. It would help you to store your battery power as it consumes less amount of light pixels. It would also protect your eyes from extreme brightness by adjusting it to the current lighting conditions around you. 

  • AR and VR

AR and VR technology provides fabulous results as it gives the user a real-time experience of the things through a virtual setup. For example, many sites that sell furniture would allow you to augmented reality to help you see whether the furniture after buying would be compatible with the already existing things in the room or not. The technology has made its way in almost all the sectors you can think of like media, travel, health, etc. with its UI/UX. 

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  • Illustrations

UI/UX design services are also advancing in terms of illustrations. They are approaching a different angle of emotional illustrations, which would have a huge impact on the users. The designer is trying to experiment more with the existing illustrations. They are attempting to portray the product in such a way, that it connects on an emotional level with the user, and the process is not limited to marketing and selling. 

Some Final Words

In the nutshell, hire a mobile UI/UX design company that is well-aware of all the upcoming trends that are discussed above. They should have the skills and resources to carry out the whole designing process.


In 2020, will come across design trends such as advance animations, 3D graphics, dark themes, and gradients, use of AR and VR in mobile applications. Everything is to create a sort of storytelling experience in a mobile app. 

User experience design is something that helps in building the functionalities and branding of the app. UX has to focus on the usage of the app, give it a meaningful outlook, but at the same time, it also takes care of efficiency and entertainment.

Various leading app development companies can assist you, which can be found online. You need to be clear whether you want an onshore or offshore company, and you prefer an android app or IOS.

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