How just three developers can build enterprise web and mobile app – lean team way

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Does your team have to build mobile and web app for next project? Then use Angular 2 for web app and ionic for mobile app. Ionic can compile to iOS & android apps and hence your team need not have separate developer for different mobile platforms. Also Ionic is internally built on Angular 2; hence you can re-use the code developed for web app .Further any CMS or platforms like SharePoint can be used for administration, content management etc. This way enterprise can keep their team lean – sometimes can just have 3 members in a team. Read below to find more about this.

We keep hearing a startup stories with less than 5 developers building a complex enterprise application in very less time. Yes their new product will be available on all mobile devices, web from the day one. While big companies struggle to achieve this, a startup takes over the market.
What’s going wrong with big companies? They have all the required resources – big team, experienced developers, customer base, past experiences – in fact everything.
In another angle: What helped startup to speed up the development?
It’s a smart choice of technology stack. It’s a perfect blend of programming languages, frameworks, platforms adopted. This blog helps to choose technology for your next project.
Let’s get started.
Say your company is developing customer portal with features like document library, ticket management, product download center, global search etc. The team has to develop mobile app which works on both iOS & android. Also web app has to be developed which work on mobile web as well as desktop screens.

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At a quick glance, this requirement looks like we need iOS developers, android developers, few web developers. But believe me; we don’t need so many different professionals. We can cut down on the cost.
In general this enterprise application is based on content. Other than few features like ticket management, product download center; this application is mostly works on large amount of content. These kind of applications need not have to use features of smartphone like locomotion, proximity sensors etc. Hence we can take a different approach.
We can start with best content management system based on the programming language your team is familiar with. It would be Drupal in PHP, SharePoint form Microsoft or any other popular CMS. CMS solves half of the common problems like content creation, administrations, permission management etc. Almost all the CMS allow developer to customize to any extent – it also allows developing APIs on top of them.  Capability of the CMS to expose API is very important for our approach. So choose your CMS wisely.
Our customer facing application must have unique user interface. It has to deliver wonderful user experience. Generally any JavaScript based application produces a really good user experience. They don’t refresh the page for every activity that user do at the site. Here angular is one among the best choice because it can be used in both building web app and mobile app. Curious how? Read further.
Angular 2 is a framework and platform by itself. It gives ample amount of features for development of web application. If the application is built with the responsive interface then believe me your team has addressed two major requirements for above application. Now the application works fine on desktop and mobile web browsers. They deliver wonderful user experience as well.
Being said that, now your team has a left out with a task of building mobile app that work on both iOS & android. This can be easy which a right choice of technology – I would suggest ionic here.
Ionic is such a technology that it produces user interface based on the mobile devices. Yes you have read it right. If you think is it a new programming language then you’re wrong. It’s again a same HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Just not that Ionic is built on top of Angular 2. This will help to reuse the code developed for web app.
Now the title of the article may have made sense to you. Your team can have just an Ionic developer, Angular Developer, CMS developer to build your entire application. Just three developers – sometime you can reduce it to two developers if you manage to find angular developers who also have exposer on Ionic.
Now, you have made your team lean as much as possible – enjoy your advantage.

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