Is iOS 8 a Game Changer?

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Is iOS 8 a Game Changer?

The next big leap in mobile operating systems, the iOS 8 has been announced by Apple on June 2, 2014. The beta version was also released the same day leaving developers and customers excited all over the world. Giving a cutthroat competition to its closest contender, Android, Apple looked forward to walk an extra mile! With Android L soon hitting the markets in the form of the latest gadgets including mobiles, iOS 8 is all-set to lure customers with its enticing features. What all it has within the box is surely noteworthy.
Clearing the doubts and revealing the truth, we have here compiled a well-researched insight on the successor of iOS 7.

What makes iOS 8 an operating system designed for you?

At present, iOS 8’s new features are the hottest news that circulates both developers and user communities. With the introduction of new apps like HealthKit and improved versions of existing Map and Camera features iOS 8 comes fully loaded.
Here is how your daily used utilities and apps are going to behave with iOS 8!

  • Messages – personified now!
    iOS 8 adds additional features to the traditional SMS by enabling voice and video messaging. Group conversations are given various options to add, remove someone from the conversation and set up status information and location details.
  • Photos and camera – rules out the need of other photo editing apps!
    iOS 8 adds more edit and crop options and lets you set the brightness and color of your pictures in a hassle freeway. It also enables iPad devices to take panorama pictures. You can easily retrieve our favorites and Sync with any device using iCloud and get a permanent storage for your photos and videos.
  • Notifications – on the go!
    iOS 8 provides a much better new way to deal with notifications. Adding and removing widgets can be done easily. Shortcuts to recent or favorite contacts, managing mail are some real time saving features that make using iOS 8 a better choice.
  • Design – keyboard updated!
    The design of iOS 8 is similar to iOS 7 but with enhanced animation features. The keyboards of iOS 8 overcome the difficulty caused by its predecessor. It displays suggestions as you type with a predictive typing called QuickType. iOS 8 also allows third party keyboards to be installed and used.
  • Family Sharing – facilitating easy sharing and sync!
    Family sharing lets up to 6 people in your family to share App Store purchases. It can also be used for easy sharing and synchronization of pictures, videos, a family calendar, locations and many more. It gives wonderful parental control too.
  • iCloud Drive – accessibility improved!
    With iCloud drive any file can be accessed from anywhere and users can work upon. Any device can access any file directly from the cloud. iOS 8 also allows open and work with files created by other apps in any compatible app. 5 GB of free storage and expansion via subscription is provided to the users.
  • HealthKit – health tracking is easier now!
    HealthKit is a new app that comes preinstalled in iOS 8. It is similar to Passbook and maintains the complete information on the user’s health and fitness.
  • Continuity – experience the seamless connectivity!
    Continuity allows for the seamless transfer of emails and websites over Wi-Fi.
  • Wi Fi Calling – calling over Wi-Fi!
    This service can be used to make phone calls over Wi-Fi. This feature is made available to T Mobile users in US.
  • Spotlight – smart search!
    Spotlight has become a lot smarter in iOS 8. Searching using spotlight not only facilitates you with the stored data present already on the phone but also provides you with the instant matching results from the World Wide Web. So just write the name of an eatery on Spotlight and it will provide you with its address after searching from the internet.
What developers should expect from the iOS 8?

And yeah, iOS 8 has a lot to offer to iOS developers too! Swift – the new language developers are gifted with. Swift works in accordance with objective C (the language on which iOS 7 was coded). Providing an edge over objective C, the Swift is more fun to code with. It is intuitive, interactive and is fast enough to display the output almost instantly! Apple store can thus expect the arrival of some new and flawless apps soon.

In nutshell…

Apple has its own class and so is revealed every time in the floated updates. The new updates will be rolled off soon and it would be really pleasant to see how far the Apple is able to bait the customers! iOS 8 is expected to hit the markets officially by fall this year, how far the apple is able to leave its large fan base satisfied would be the point worth noticing. As of now, the initial updates and reviews are worth appreciating!

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