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Benefits of Humanised Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Outgrowing the phase of looking at Artificial Intelligence (AI) with scepticism, businesses have now begun to embrace the diverse benefits that it offers. Integrating AI at the right juncture in your business instead of replacing an employee can help your employees focus on deep work rather than hard work.
We now have touchscreen phones, voice controlled systems and smart home appliances. Human interaction interface on the various devices have evolved to require less efforts from the users. This also makes the machines more “human”. Cognitive ergonomics is now helping take artificial intelligence to the next level. They help in making artificial systems which can mimic human brain. When AI is humanised, when it is tweaked to understand human responses and emotions and function and respond like a real human, then it would be better accepted.
Humanized AI has been in place for quite a while. But, we have only been scratching the surface all these days. Now that we know better what AI can really offer, we see a lot of businesses focusing on enhancement of user experience with the help of humanized artificial intelligence. Have you heard about the banks that have recently introduced humanoids AI for customer support in their branches? Those are the applications of humanized AI.

Here are some of the humanoid artificial intelligence (AI) systems and their applications:
Virtual customer service personnel:

Having a responsive customer care team is on the front seat now, the primary focus of businesses big and small. To begin with, cognitive chat bots can solve the purpose of handling customer query traffic. In majority cases, be it answering direct questions from customers or storing and analysing data, a cognitive chat bot can form a great channel of communication. Taking this a step further, what if you had a virtual customer care personnel? This could understand natural language, track human emotions and respond in a more natural humanly language. Whether data has to be mined from the existing database or whether the answer has to be picked from the internet, your virtual customer care representative can resolve all your queries. This can help businesses improve customer experience. For smaller businesses, this is a less expensive option than recruiting a customer care team.

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Smart home controllers:

Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise. This would make the concept of smart homes a more feasible option. So you can have a central console that controls all the devices and appliances in your house. Now humanoid AI when integrated in this smart system with voice recognition, you can simply talk command your console to operate any of the appliances. Humanisation would mean that instead of having to remember and recite standard commands, you can talk in your natural conversational language to control the master device. And adaptive learning algorithms when integrated, the system can also learn your habits and your commands and continuously evolve to function better.

Fitness instructors and wearables with humanised AI:

Wearables tracking your heart rate and sleep patterns is not new. But what if your wearables could become your personal trainer? What if your fitness band can track your activities and offer real time feedback just like a personal fitness coach would? That is what humanised AI systems can do in the fitness industry. This fitness trainer can measure your bio rhythms and customise a training program for you. For those suffering from any chronic illnesses that require continuous monitoring, AI integrated wearables can measure bodily parameters and periodically report to their physicians and alert them and call for medical help in times of emergencies.
Humanisation of artificial intelligence systems makes it easier to deliver a more humanly interaction with a machine. This would help reduce the workload on several careers. Some of the most beneficial applications of humanoid AI would be in crime prediction. Police officials can’t be stationed everywhere. Humanized AI systems can track activities and notify the police department of any impending crime. In retail, virtual shopping assistants can help bring the ease of online shopping to brick and mortar stores. They can immediately analyse data about your shopping patterns and recommend suitable styles. The list of applications of humanized AI systems is almost limitless. For the businesses, it helps by delivering better customer service. For the customers, it can help by offering a more personalised service.

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