How To Reduce React JS App Maintenance Cost?

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React JS web applications are known for providing stunning UIs and best performance that keeps the users engaged.  However, it is essential to ensure proper and timely maintenance of your app to provide a seamless experience to the users.

Many of the React JS development companies wish to attain a robust and impressive application that is strictly accompanied by lower maintenance costs. According to the latest survey, there are more than 31% of people who recommend using react js for web app development. However, note that it is impossible to eradicate all the occurrences related to the maintenance section though you could always try and control its factors. To achieve this, you will have to take specific steps that are discussed below to minimize maintenance costs. 

Steps to Reduce React JS App Maintenance Costs 

1. Mobile-First Approach 

Even today, there exist many applications that do not employ the mobile-first approach, also known as responsive web design. This makes it quite challenging to make any changes in the future if required. Therefore it is best to consider the future before you start with the actual process. 

If you have already developed the application, then opting for responsive web design can be more straightforward to provide a proper structure to CSS. The most prominent and reliable React JS development companies will always give more priority to business while planning for the future. Therefore start with making a list of top companies to hire React JS developers that are perfectly fit for the job. 

2. A better understanding of the project through structured JavaScript

Not having a properly structured JavaScript can seriously affect the hybrid or native app development process and cause issues since the developers will find it quite challenging to understand. Having structured JavaScript is quite significant since it poses various benefits and can be achieved in multiple ways. It could help the developers in understanding the project better, and they will also be able to retrieve the files or make any required changes swiftly. 

3. Code quality 

And quality or a poorly written code could mainly arise due to the lack of skills or technical knowledge. It could undoubtedly hinder the process of judging or estimating the project. Note that having a top-quality UI does not necessarily mean that the code is written is excellent or up to the mark. You might observe that initially, the code might not show any issues, but in later stages, it will definitely result in a quote costly problem. 

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4. Ask for clear documentation 

Most of your job is done once your React JS app is successfully developed and put under implementation. But over a period of time, you will come across several issues that are quite inevitable. But the main question arising in such a situation is if whether you would go back to the same web app development companies or if you will think of visiting others react JS development services. 

If in case you are planning on consulting a different company and you will as well require proper documentation, so the new team is able to resolve the matter quickly without making the process costly. Therefore you need to ask your React JS development team to hand over the necessary documentation. 

5. Look out for the impact before adding a new feature 

If you are planning to add new functionalities or elements to your React JS development appsthen you first need to consider a few essential things that could have a possible impact on your app. These could include longevity of the functionalities, the effect of features on the app performance and its impact in the long run. 

6.Outdated Third-Party Packages 

Most of the apps nowadays are making use of third party packages. If in case your app employs an outdated and older third party package, then you must keep in mind the following things :

  • Make sure to check the future updates and durability of the package. 

Ensure that the third party packages are compatible with the React JS development process. 

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7. Make use of Latest React JS version

React JS framework often comes with constant updates related to bug fixes, security and performance. So for those of you who have already developed an app or are having the latest version of it, make sure to update it regularly. This will allow you to access the new react JS features, security patches and much more. This will keep the web application constantly productive and at the same time, reduce the maintenance cost. 

8. Try to hire Remote Developers ( Particularly from India) 

One of the best ways to reduce maintenance costs is to hire developers from a country that offers you with budget-friendly rates and good quality development process. Countries like India is known for offering top class developers at quite cost-effective rates. On the other hand, countries like USA and Canada have the cost of development on a per hour basis that is quite high. 

The Final word 

React JS app maintenance cost is not something that can be completed neglected, but we can always control it to a maximum extend. By following the steps as has been discussed above, you will be able to save quite an amount of cost pertaining to maintenance which in turn will shoot up your profits. 


No, it is not necessary for you to visit the same company which you had hired before, but you could always opt for contacting another web team. However, you will be required to have proper documentation for the same. 

Yes, the maintenance cost can be minimized by taking care of various factors such as having structured JavaScript, good quality code, proper documentation and many more

Making use of older packages can definitely contribute to the maintenance costs, therefore, make sure that your package is not outdated. One of the most crucial advantages of react JS is that it constantly comes up with new updates. So make sure to update your package regularly. 

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