How can one enhance the customer experience with the help of the AI Bot

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With the increasing awareness of the AI around us, and chat bot now grabbing the eye balls, can help one easily connect with the customers, thanks to their human like conversations.
The digital transformation is happening rapidly and is booming like never before enabling business to prosper and grow by leaps and bounds. One of the most important domain which is the most demanding by all means is- retail. They are the ones who provide online store access for all kinds of stuff out there, regardless of the customer being anywhere across the world.
Providing a delightful experience to the customer is one of the most important USP as to where would one stand in the market. An AI powered bot which uses Natural Language processing (NLP) technology to automate conversations is changing the entire scenario.

Thanks to the bot, conversing without any hassles has become the easiest way to interact with brands.
Knowing that shopping has always been a fad for a long time, it also has now become easier than before. Thanks to the conversational AI being a boon for the retailers, shoppers, merchants etc., to find some easy & quick ways to shop and also get the next best deal. In a similar fashion there are some consumers who would want to seek instant answers and solutions for solving their queries. So, here it is these bots – chat bots which play a crucial role in changing the entire shopping experience.
In a general scenario, bot conversations are two way and every single conversation is seen, understood & is also kept on records. With the help of the customer info, their needs, choices, these bots are more pro-active and also understand the various needs and choices of customers. All these factors help in delivering cutting edge technologies and customer service experiences.
With the help of these bots, the customer service assistance is always available 24/7 and right from choosing the order, keeping it in the cart / the wish list, purchasing of the same, providing assistance, offering 24/7 customer support etc., all is done through ML. Here’s how bots can help re-define the shopping experience
Bots can help in automating the tasks and also allowing the customers to search for any brand or a product they are looking for. The bot will also give product recommendations and help the customer browse through.
The bot can also help deliver a complete holistic shopping experience for a shopper. It will help create a list for a week and also choose the required materials needed for making a grocery list which can be saved in the cart as favorite.

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These bots can also help one stick to the same brand which was brought earlier based on the user preferences. So it also helps retain the brand loyalty and, drives the customers as well. It also learns the user habits and, also understands what’s the best in store for the user to offer. The bot also guides the user to stop & shop at some locations. The bot makes it easier for the customer to interact with along with a quick response as well.
AI powered bots are now the talk of the tech town and they play a critical role in leveraging your entire shopping experience to a new level and ensuring an amazing experience.

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