How can block chain have the potential to transform the education system?

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As we are moving towards the new tech generation, do we know it has the potential to change the education industry altogether? It is one of the most important sectors which cannot be given a specific % or value associated with it. Also, as one of the important sectors now the technology seeping into education has become one of the most sought technologies across the domains.
As Education is a sector that is just as important as other sectors, and there are lots of areas within this sector that could be improved using technology. The market for ed-tech is growing quickly, and is estimated to reach $93.76 billion globally by 2020. Already, tools like virtual reality and personalized learning with artificial intelligence are helping to improve learning outcomes for students at all levels. The schools will benefit from the block chain technology as the schools will not only become smart, but also help in improving and, transforming education as a sector

1. Helping students prepare for tests and, forth coming education preparations.

A very well known, Russian platform Disciplina is the first platform to connect the power of block chain technology, which is solely for education and recruiting. Another education platform for the same is Teach Me Please, as a part of the Disciplina applications, is a higher education marketplace, bringing teachers and students together at a common platform. Another platform in the same row is the Opet Foundation’s chatbot app to help students with test prep. It answers questions and recommends resources while keeping track of student progress in the block chain. Most of them have already started accepting crypto currencies as their tuition fees as well.

2. Cloud Storage in block chain

The cloud storage used accordingly with the block chain process can help education a more streamlined process. It will allow one to collect information from any device, thus making learning more flexible.

3. Prepaid cards

Pre-paid cards can be used to help students to get access to supplies or food without the need for physical cash-in-hand. As Dr. Roy Ale, Marketing Executive at Oxford Summer School says, ‘it’s a good idea to prepare the generation of young learners for a world which deals with cards because they’re an essential part of everyday spending.

4. Verified graduation certificates

It takes long time for certificates to be verified and, adding to this is the most important integral part of how authentic that verification is and, also to prevent forgery which results into improper data validation. Looking at the same, MIT is already way ahead in using block chain for technology. The application used by them is known as Block certs. As of now this is in the testing mode and, shall be useful in the future.
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5. Library and Information Services

Because it is easier to keep track of and store information, the block chain could be used to enhance library and information services in schools. Though few libraries have started experimenting with block chain technology, at least one school has received a substantial grant to begin the discovery process.

6. Transportation

Getting students to school is an important part of educating them. In the future, ride sharing apps resting on block chain technology could be used to organize carpools for students with special needs. This will be particularly important as roadways become more congested and carpooling becomes a necessity. Using the block chain in this way would also take the burden off of parents and ensure that all children get the safe transportation they need.


Blockchain has the potential to advance the education sector far into the future. Because blockchain use in the education space is still very new and unexplored, there are a lot of unanswered questions. What is clear, however, that the possibilities are endless. As school administrators look to the future, they would do well to think about how to harness this powerful technology. The students who are already learning and using Blockchain right now are the hope as they will pave the way for Blockchain in their respective industries. @Mobinius, we are happy to have a team of skilled and trained Block chain professionals who can assist you with some good block chain solutions. For more information you can share the details to or visit

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